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TN Police

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I always have had a very poor opinion of TN police. The pot bellied political job getters of the police cadre, who by a large measure corrupt only created derision on my part in the past.

But, here is an example of the danger in generalizing anything. Humanity still lives well in our glorious Tamil culture. One stray incident, may be, but somehow stories like this invoke images of a brighter future.



CHENNAI: Flies buzzed around the wounded
First Published : 25 Jun 2009 04:07:00 AM IST

leg of 63-year-old S Kalimuthu who lay dazed under a tarpaulin cover on the side of the road in Abiramapuram. His body was so withered and voice so thin that one could hardly hear him speak.
Kalimuthu has been at this spot for over a month now, surviving on the tea and buns some sympathetic neighbourhood residents gave him. As his leg developed gangrene, even these good samaritans slowly withdrew.

A construction worker from Paramakudi, Kalimuthu’s plight was noticed by the Abiramapuram police who decided to chip in. “We tried every avenue possible,’’ said M S Bhaskar, Abiramapuram Station Inspector, ([COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Law [COLOR=blue! important]and [/COLOR][COLOR=blue! important]Order[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]).

“We called up government hospitals, the ‘108’ emergency system and several NGOs. But no one was willing to take him in without an attendant,’’ he said.

[COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]The [COLOR=blue! important]police[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] then tried to persuade people in the neighbourhood to accompany Kalimuthu to a hospital or a shelter but no one came forward.

When Express spoke to Kalimuthu, he mumbled something about his wife Papa and son Kannan residing in Alandur. They had abandoned him.

“Ever since, I have been working in the city to eke out a livelihood and living on the road,’’ he said.

M Sathish, one of the few men who gave food to Kalimuthu, said, “We have been trying for a week now, making numerous phone calls to find a place for Kalimuthu. It is a monstrous state of affairs in our country: a wounded dog is rescued but not a man.’’

In the meantime, the police decided to feed Kalimuthu and arranged for a private physician to treat his wound and even footed the bill.

Since no one was willing to take responsibility, the officers decided that they would.

On Wednesday, Inspector Bhaskar and Sub-Inspector I Jebasingh had proposed to admit Kalimuthu to the Government Hospital in Royapettah.

However, an NGO, Little Drops Old Age Home in Kolathuvancherry, volunteered to take him under their care and Kalimuthu finally got a home, courtesy Abiramapuram police.

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its a pity such acts by the police do not get noticed properly.

maybe the press/tv do not want us to see the police as good guys ;)
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