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Til Homam at Rameswaram

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Respected Elders,

My father desires to perform Til Tarpanam at Rameshwaram as the same was suggested to him by someone. While enquiry I was told that it is Til Homam NOT Til Tarpanam. Also if someone can kindly give details & contact of any genuine vadhyar who can help us. Shall be grateful.
Maj G Krishnan
Mob 8770195376


Well-known member
sir, For thila homam contact sri. n.s.sankara vadhyar, ( 04573 )222544. and mobile no.9443684262. tell him that you have to do 12000 aavarthis tila homam.


Dear Maj G Krishnan,
For Thila Homan, Kasi Yatri sankalpam and any other kshetra related rituals.
Ritual materials, rituals and food, all will be arranged by themselves.
contact :p.Kalyanasundaram Sastrigal alais. Babu Shastrigal.
Landline : 04573 - 222068.
Cell No: 09786041968, 09994519426.

Sarvam Krishnaarpanam.
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