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tibetan medicine

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My mother is suffering from calcinosis (calcium deposit in one of her finger) and skin allergies and leg swellings for five years.Doctors(Allopathy) suspect it might be a Multi tissue connected disease.Still they couldnt identify/confirm what kind of it she suffers from.Please advise good dermatologists in Bangalore/Chennai .

I want to know if anybody in Bangalore/Mysore/Delhi has tried for Tibetan medicine?If yes , how is their treatment .Please share your experiences.

The Hb contant in blood may be more than 15., the WBC may also be more.This might be resulted in lifting the hot vessels. Ask her to lit a lamp with mustsrd oil in which you put two beta leaves and vanni samith two. let it burn in the evening at 6.30 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. twice in a week.

pass on the result after a month
My advice is forget the mimbo jumbo and magic remedies. Consult a good dermatologist who is academically up-to-date and follows sound ethical principles. I am sure there are many such persons but I know of one Dr Murlidhar Rajagopalan MD, who practices in Madras Apollo hosipital (off Greames Road). He is an acknowledged expert at multisystem -autoimmunity skin disorders. Wish you best of luck.
Dear seenu,

In our houses we do yagas and yagnas as directed by priests.
We do lots of fire sacrifices at our houses as remidies.

We do lots of rituals without knowing the chemistry of them.

shall we call our seves as fools?

Have you ever gone in to the chemistry of any dieases?

All the diseases are based on NaNo technology.

This is called occult cheistry.
First of all could any one explain what is Tibet Medicine? Is it a mimbo jumbo and magic remedies as Mr.Seenuh quotes? What is it origin?
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