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Three women TN IPS officers take on misogyny in cinema

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Tamil cinema more particularly ... dialogues and lyrics ...and its influence on youth….

What are our Forum's women members to say....??

Filmmakers need to step up: Three women TN IPS officers take on misogyny in cinema

In a video, three women IPS officers say that a major reason for the increase in violence against women is misogynistic cinema.

Cinema as an influential factor in crimes against women is a hotly debated subject. Ever since the murder of Infosys employee Swathi by her alleged stalker in 2016, cinema has time and again been criticised for glorifying misogyny and violence towards women.

However, such portrayals have had their fair share of defenders too, those either claiming that these narratives were just for "entertainment" or that it was mere conjecture to draw a connection.

Three women IPS officers stationed in Tamil Nadu have now come forward in a video put together by Covai Post, appealing to filmmakers to stop promoting such violence in their films through dialogues and lyrics.

Taking on actors like Simbu, Dhanush, GV Prakash and Sivakarthikeyan whose films typically have such explicit depictions (not that other actors don't promote misogyny), the video plays sample lyrics from their films and goes on to feature the three officers sharing their views on the subject.

To read more: http://www.thenewsminute.com/articl...women-ips-officers-take-misogyny-cinema-61412
Cinema reflects society with some exaggeration may be.

Some get worked up and blame cinema for depicting that.

These women are mixing up cause and effect.

Our youngsters are sick in a controlled society and are running amok .

A more liberal and open society can only reduce the problem.
A more liberal and open society can only reduce the problem.

But we have film producers who portray more violence against women...etc which only increases the problem in the society..

There are cases of crime reported and the culbrits admitting that it was movies that influenced them.

Sample of just 17 Hindi movies that speaks volume about the violence and ruthlessness, etc and one has to admit that these films have their own influence over the audience.

17 Disturbing Bollywood Movies That Will Leave You Shaken

You might be living the perfect life, but one wrong turn and things might come crumbling down like a pack of cards. Shit does happen. And it can very well happen to you. Here are 17 flicks from Bollywood that show how harsh life can get. Some of these films have been loathed, others banned, and some haven’t even seen the light of day because of their gory portrayal of the reality.
Caution: Spoilers ahead.

1. NH 10 (2015)

Set on the outskirts of Delhi, this edge-of-the-seat thriller throws light on the highly sensitive topic of honour killings in India. It’s unapologetically brutal in its depiction of violence and for most parts of the film, you wait with baited breath anticipating what’s going to happen next. And when you leave the theatre, you can’t help feeling terrified.

Read more at: https://www.scoopwhoop.com/entertainment/disturbing-bollywood-flicks/#.rqeeqzrjy

Of course those who rarely visit such movies may have totally a different opinion to share ...

10 Movies That Inspired Real-Life Crimes

Violence in movies is a touchy subject, and debate rages over whether glamorizing the criminal lifestyle leads to similar behavior in viewers. It can’t be denied that sometimes iconic images stick with people who were already deranged. These people watched horrific crimes onscreen and said to themselves, “Hey, that’s a really good idea.”

Ben Affleck’s Oscar-nominated crime drama The Town tells the story of a man caught up in both a gang of bank robbers and a romance with a witness to one of their robberies. It follows him as he tries to protect her and leave the life of crime behind. A bunch of people seemed to have missed all of that nuanced storytelling though, instead leaving with the impression, “Hey, all that robbery stuff was pretty neat, I should do that.”

The most prolific of the copycat criminals were a group of men in New York City, who committed a staggering 62 robberies involving $217,000 in stolen cash from various Brooklyn- and Queens-area businesses. The men used techniques portrayed in the film to pull off the scheme, such as cutting the power supply to the target so that employees couldn’t contact help, wearing miners’ headlamps to see in the dark, and applying a liberal dose of bleach to the scene to destroy DNA evidence. They must have been pretty surprised that all that work didn’t stop them from getting caught, and admitted to police that they were inspired by the film.

Read more at: http://listverse.com/2013/11/04/10-movies-that-inspired-real-life-crimes/
Here is a classic example speaking volume about movies and its influence on the society especially young girls.

Judges voicing against the menace....

Let the member don't find fault with the Judges and define their judgement as exaggeration …lol

Girl elopes, blames it on films; HC summons censors

CHENNAI: Holding poorly censored films for obscenity in cinema, which in turn has adverse effects on youths, the Madras high court has summoned 'heads of the censor board.'

High Light

  • The judges issued the directive after a minor girl eloped with her boyfriend
  • The girl told the judges in court that her elopement was the result of similar acts in many films

The girl told the court that she had eloped with Vimalraj on her own volition, after seeing and being influenced by Tamil films.

"Censor board officials are directed to appear before the court on March 27 for the purpose of explaining to the court why necessary action should not be taken against them since they are responsible for exhibiting such kind of cinemas involving POCSO Act offences," said the bench of Justice S Nagamuthu and Justice Anita Sumanth on Monday.

The judges issued the directive after a minor girl, who eloped with her boyfriend in May last year, was traced in February this year. She was found to be pregnant. The girl told the judges in court that her elopement was the result of similar acts in many films.

Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...elope-with-her-lover/articleshow/57735484.cms
Do our viewers need all these dirty stuff...like item songs, vulgar dialogues, violence and glamour.

There were movies which could incite civil disorder and violence in the society if allowed to be released without censor.

The good cop: Meet Ramya IPS, one of the three women officers fighting sexism in cinema

The SP of Coimbatore district says that degrading women in cinema has serious repercussions.


‘Films start a trend’

Speaking to The News Minute, SP Ramya Bharathi said, "I was having a cup of coffee with my friend when she played some songs. Some of those lyrics were so vulgar. We started talking about the way in which films portray women and that's how we ended up doing the video. These filmmakers think that this is what sells, they believe people's tastes to be so low but it's not true. They make films like this and start a trend. That's when we decided to put up our collective opinion."

Ramya firmly believes that today, films are the prime reason for instigating violence against women.

"We're dealing with these situations in real time on a day to day basis. How much movies have impacted youngsters, college and school kids - we're able to see for real. From the worst cases of violence to more subtle ones, there is an influence," says Ramya.

Read more at: http://www.thenewsminute.com/articl...e-women-officers-fighting-sexism-cinema-61538
Blaming cinema for all ills of society is a favourite pastime of incompetent police .

Politicians blame police , police blame cinema and put their hands up,women blame men , children blame parents.

The blame game continues unabated.

Some with no work post these and fight with other members .lol
Blaming cinema for all ills of society is a favourite pastime of incompetent police .

If police is incompetent, than the Minister who holds Home portfolio is equally incompetent.

And if the Minister who holds Home portfolio is considered incompetent, than this society is incompetent to elect a competent Chief Minister.

So, we are, therefore, an incompetent society where you are also a member.lol

Some with no other productive work do come here to pass (?) comments.

P.S: In most of the State, the Chief Minister holds the Home portfolio.
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Cinema is a medium of creative expression.

Those who do not understand cinema start writing filth about cinema.

There is good cinema and bad cinema.

Some with bad taste selectively look at bad cinema and pass comments.

It is a mindset.

Only looking at negative side of things.

Wisdom lies in appreciating good art .
Cinema is a medium of creative expression.

Those who do not understand cinema start writing filth about cinema.

There is good cinema and bad cinema.

Some with bad taste selectively look at bad cinema and pass comments.

It is a mindset.

Only looking at negative side of things.

Wisdom lies in appreciating good art .

People who have real wisdom read regular news about the National ilm Awards, Dadasaheb Phalka award, and lot of other awards given to outstanding movies in various fields and activities in recognition and encouragement.

Encouraging is different.

But at the same time we should also keep a watch against the menace that slowly poisoning the society.

Just simply burying our head under sand, we can comment everything is good.

There are dity pictures... dirty stuff... dirty people....

Situation song:

This one is bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWhbDQeWfNk
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You were born during times when all these things were non existent or were pushed under the carpet and discussed in hush hush tones.

Now things are more open. The new open dating , experimenting, dropping the unsuitable until finding the correct choice.

There is more honesty in relationships.

What does not work is discarded.

This is what is liberal mindset about.

Take it or suffer it.

It is here to stay
It is a research paper based on some real study .....

[h=1]Cinema gives unreal, dangerous ideas about love: Study from the south reveals[/h]
At the time of Chennai techie Swathi's murder, there was a lot of debate on whether films were to blame for increasing violence against women.

It has been almost a year since Swathi, a young, Chennai based techie was brutally murdered in the early hours of June 24 (2016) by a man who allegedly stalked her and was miffed that she didn’t reciprocate his romantic advances. At the time, popular film critic Baradwaj Rangan in his column for The Hindu, countered The News Minute’s article on the role of cinema in glorifying stalking and violence.

Mr Rangan called for more research data and number crunching before people began blaming movies for increasing violence against women. My recent research paper titled Celluloid to Soulmates: A study on the impact of films on the perception of romantic love among the youth may finally shed some light on the disturbing relationship between the silver screen and its young patrons.

As a part of the research study, 500 youngsters across south India (250 male, 250 female) in the age group of 18-23 were chosen. They were chosen through random sampling and most of the respondents were from urban middle and upper middle class families.

The most popular films of 2015 (Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and English) were picked and the common romantic motifs running through the films were culled out. The respondents were questioned on the content and tropes found in these films.

Read more at: http://www.thenewsminute.com/articl...us-ideas-about-love-study-south-reveals-63278
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