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Three Stones Make a Wall - The Story of Archaeology - Erich Cline


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Very good book that describes the methods, tools used by Archaeologists and a description of the amazing findings that give us so much information about the civilizations of the past.

- Ancient Troy
- Egypitian civilization
- Central America - Maya, Inca etc
- Greeks and Romans
- Masada etc
- Dead Sea Scrolls
- Chauvet cave painting
- Olmec Colossal stone heads
- Stories Intrigues and one up manship amongst Archaeologist
- China and it's Terracotta warriors
- Arch of Titus

There is also a fascinating description of some cities (Pompeii, Herculaneum etc) that got instantly buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE, that "quite literally stopped the city and it's citizens in their tracks" and all things like houses were preserved intact, until their rediscovery through excavation almost 2000 years later.

Even the advertisement notices painted on the wall outside a bar, could be reread, as well as election campaign notices of the time (79 CE) !! One humorous endorsement subtly denouncing a politician says "I ask you to elect Marcis Cerrinius Vatia to the aedileship. All the late night drinkers support him. The petty thieves support Vatia for the aedileship".
Also notices outside the houses like "beware of the dog" were preserved intact.

Whether Vatia won the election and was sworn in in July is unknown, since the next month Vesuvius exploded and buried the town of Pompeii and its politicians under countless tons of pumice and ash.

I have scanned this interesting chapter from the book and will post it here. It shows how life and society has barely changed...all these 2000 years.
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