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Thread for Namasankeerthana

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Ram Krishna Hari!!


I would like to Start a Thread on "Nama Sankeerthana" . I could see a closed thread on Sampradhaya Bajans and like to re open it and hence this new thread is here.

I would like This to be an active thread and More participation with healthy Topics.

We will discuss more in future.

Ram Krishna Hari!!
Pracheena Sampradaya Bhajan

Sampradaya Bhajana usually begins with a Naamavali on Lord Hari. This is followed by singing Thodaya mangalam. Thodaya mangalam is followed by Guru Dhyanam, which begins with a Keerthana on Lord Guru Dakshinamoorthy. Sri Bodendral Guru Dhyanam is then sung with a number of Guru Krithis of Sri Bodendral. This is quite important to be sung. After Gurus, we start with the Gita Govinda Kavyam composed by Jayadeva, the krithis being more popularly known as Ashtapathis. All the 24 Ashtapathis are sung. Ashtapathi is then followed by krithis of Narayana Theerthar, Bhadrachala Ramdas, Purandaradasar, Sadasiva Brahmendral, Gopalakrishna Bharathi, Oothukadu Venkatasubbayar, Thyagarajar, Meera Bai, Kabirdas, Surdas, Namdev, Tukaram etc. After Guru Parampara vandanam then starts, Shodashopachaara Pooja which is done as per Vedic rites (all offerings as per Shodashopachaara pooja such as Sugandham, Doopam, Deepam, Nivedyam, Thamboolam, Mangala Harathi are offered through songs as well) and then the Upachara Keerthanam is sung. Ganeshadi Dhyanam starts after this pooja, when songs in praise of God Ganapathy, Saraswathy, Murugan, Siva, Ambal, Ayyappan, Raman, Krishnan, Perumal, MahaLakshmi, Narasimham, Panduranga Vittal are being sung followed with a song on Anjaneya. After Ganesha Dhayanam starts Divyanaamasankeerthanam begins. During Divyanamasankeerthanam, Lord Krishna is represented as the Deepam (Lamp) and this is kept in a central position and those who participate in it are considered (Sankalpam) as Gopis. This part is known as Deepa Pradakshinam.
Genesis of Nama sankeerthana - an Introduction

Radhey krishna!!

Thanks for the detailed post. Well said. Namasankeerthana's origin cannot be traced out because it is as old as our hindu darma. Naradh Maharishi is the first ever Bagavathar in this world . But his disciple Bakth Prahaladh is considered first and thus goes the sloka,

" Prahaladha Naradha Parasara Pundalika
Vyasa ambarisha suga sounaga
Bhisma thalpyan rukmangatha arjuna
vasista vibishanathin punya niman
parama Baagavathan Smarami"

Getting Prahaladh's name in first can be cited in a two different ways. 1. A guru's fame is depend on the sishya he posses and thus the order is justified.
2. Among the 9 types of bakthi Sravanam comes first. srahvanam is hearing the name of god and his kalyna gunas and Prahaladh is the one who started hearing about the almighty even before his birth.

Just to note the same in a simple quotation in village areas: " We have one mouth to sing , but have 2 years to hear and so hearing is more sacred".

Lets think more in coming days !!
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