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Thiruppugazh Innisai and Dance for Skanda Shasti

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I am associated in a Thiruppugazh Sabhai in Mylapore. This sabhai is celebrating its 39th anniversary, coinciding with Skanda Shasti. Lectures by eminent scholars and Thiruppugazh Innisai by various personalities. Two word attachments give all the details. Invite all, especially Chennaites, to take part in the programmes of their choice.
Shasti Day, 23/10/09, there is a dance under the heading 'Devendra Sangamam' by Nrithyasri Ramani & Troupe, followed by Valli Kalyanam.

Thanks & Regards to all.


  • 2009 shasti tamil brahmins.doc
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  • events Thiruppugazh 2009.doc
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Good work.

Please keep it up.

If possible I shall try attend the function on Sunday 18th Oct.

All the best

Shri RVji,

I feel honoured and you are most welcome. Sunday 18/10/2009 is a star programme . Innisai by 'Thiruppugazh Anbargal' group. The leader of the group is Guruji Raghavan - one of the personalities we discuss in this website (in the thread about Thiruppugazh). I will be in the venue and expect the pleasure of welcoming you pls.

Thanks & Regards.
Nice to see this,

Usually I will go to six temples of muruga (kundrathur, Thiruporur, paris kandakottam, mylapore, adambakkam murugan temple, adyar arupadaiveedu, like this) for skanda shasti. I recite some thriupugazhs also. This time will come there and join with you great bhaktas. (I dont know what murugan thinks in this regard)

Sarvashree RV ji, ambes ji, Durgadasan ji

Extremely happy.All are most welcome pls. I will be available in the venue on Sunday 18/10/09 (in both the programmes). I am employed in a newspaper organization at Ambattur Industrial Estate. Regarding other five days - I am planning to avail leave on Shasti 23/10/2009 and will be available fully. 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd are week days. I will be coming to the venue during the programme ending by 7.30 pm (I shall be coming by around 6.30 pm). G. Soundara Rajan is my original name and anyone can easily find me.

Mr. Ramkumar is the treasurer and Mr. Vemban is the Secretary. Both of them will be available 100%.

Repeat - All are most welcome please.

In the service of Lord Muruga and his Thiruppugazh.

G Soundara Rajan
Thank you very much sir. On behalf of RV sir and Ambes sir I thank you very much for your kindhearted welcome. We are really overwhelmed. It will be our good time to get the blessings of muruga. We will all make it sure.
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