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ThirukOLaRu pathigam

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[h=1]ThirukOLaRu pathigam[/h]

vEyuRu thOLi pangan vidamunda kandan
miganalla viNai thadavi
maasaRu thingaL gangai mudimEl aNindhen
ulamE pugundha adhanaal
NYaayiRu thingaL sevvaay pudhan viyaalam veLLi
sani paambirandum udanE
aasaRu nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 01

BEING who has as HIS equal half the WOMAN, the Umai of bamboo-like frame has implanted Himself within me
in the archetypal forms as the ONE who plays the faultless Veena, and as the ONE wearing the pure Half Moon
and Ganges on His tuft. And because of this for devout people (like me) the forces like the NYaayiRu (Sun),
thingaL (Moon), sevvaay (Mars), pudhan (Mercury), viyaalam (Jupiter), veLLi (Venus), Sani (Saturn), and the
Snakes Ragu and Keetu will NOT do anything evil but only good, the really good.

enpOdu komgodaamai ivaimaarb- ilanga
erudhERi Elai yudanE
ponbodhi matha maalai punalsoodi vandhen
ulamE pugundha adhanaal
onbadhodu onROd- Elu padhinettOd- aaRum
udanaaya naaLgaL avaidhaam
anbodu nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 02

BEING has implanted Himself as the ONE wearing the garland of bones that gives bodily strength, the sharp
horns that gives the mental courage to combat, and the turtle that allows the exploring the Unconscious, the Dark
Ocean, unafraid. HE has also implanted Himself riding the BULL with the WOMAN as His equal half wearing
golden chains on the neck and Ganges in the tuft. With BEING present as such within me, the different
astronomically calculated days, times, and seasons can only be good and loving, can only DO good for the
devotees of Siva.

uruvaLar pavaLamEni oLineeRu aNindhu
umaiyOdum veLLai vidaimEl
murugalar konRai thingaL mudimEl aNindhen
ulamE poogundha adhanaal
thirumagaL kalaiya thoordhi seyamaadhu poomi
thisaidheyvam aana palavum
arunedhi nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 03

BEING in HIS ever growing radiant form, wearing the glowing ashes that indicate absolute purity and
because of which HE has the WOMAN as His half riding the PURE BULL of undiminishing Virility, and
wearing the golden konRai flowers that signify happiness through metaphysical illuminations and the
crescent moon that bestows youthful virility has implanted Himself as such in my heart. And hence the
POWER that blesses one with all the happiness, the Lakshmi, the POWER that grants success in every
undertaking, the Durga who rides the male deer and all other divinities that populate the world will do
only the good for the devout people for trust in these divinities can lead one only on the right WAY that
remains something rare for the most.

mathinuthal mangaiyOdu vadabaal irundhu
maRaiyOdhum engaL paraman
nadhiyodu konRai maalai mudimEl aNindhen
uLamE pugundha adhanaal
kodhiyuRu kaalan angi namanOdu thoodhar
kodu nOygaLaana palavum
adhiguNa nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 04

BEING always with the ever youthful WOMAN with crescent-moon eyes sits below the Bothi Tree and
instructs all on the Absolute Understanding, that remains the Unconscious (using the language of Cin
Muttirai). And wearing the Ganges that cleanses the souls and Konrai flowers that gladdens the heart has
installed Himself as such in my heart. And because of this the evil dark forces like the God of Death, Fire,
and their comrades who are responsible for death bringing diseases of the body and mind will get
transformed into benign forces doing only the good, the really good for the devoted.

nansaNi kandan endhai madavaaL thanOdum
vidaiyERum nangaL paraman
thunsiruL vani konRai mudimEl aNindhen
ulamE pugundha adhanaal
vensina avuNarOdum urumidiyum minum
migaiyaana poodham avaiyum
ansidu nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 05

BEING with witholding the deadly poison that is the source every destruction in the world in His throat and
always with the eternally youthful WOMAN and mounting the Pure BULL of infinite Virility, has implanted
Himself within me wearing the dense leaved Vani tree. Because of this the devotees of BEING as such, get freed
from the afflictions of the forces of evil as well as the natural calamities arising from thunder lightnings and so
forth. These forces get transformed into the benign and do only the good for those who are really devoted.

vaaLvariya thaLadhaadai varigOva Nathar
madavaaL thaNOdum udanaay
naanmalar vanigonRai nadhisoodi vandhen
ulamE pugundha adhanaal
kOLari uluvaiyOdu kolaiyaanai gElal
kodu naaga mOdu karadi
aaLari nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 06

BEING wearing as a dress the tiger's skin with swordlike strips and loins of similar nature, has implanted himself
within me, along with the Woman wearing also the brilliant flowers of Vani and KonRai and the Ganges. With the
powers provided by BEING with this archetypal forms, there is nothing to fear from people who degenerate to the
level of beasts that kill like the fierce tigers, wild elephants, wild boars, lions, serpents, and bears. For devout
people even these beastly forces will turn out to be benign.

seppiLamulainan mangai orupaaga maaga
vidaiyERu selvan adaivaar
oppiLa madhiyum appumudi mEl aNindhen
ulamE pugundha adhanaal
veppodu kuLirum vaadham migaiyaana pithum
vinaiyaana vandhu naliyaa
appadi nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 07

BEING as Civa who appears always with the large breasted good young WOMAN and mounts the BULL
of virility wearing the crescent Moon and Ganges on His tuft, has implanted Himself deep within me. And
because of that as there will be endless flow of Kundalin in different shapes, the diseases such as fever
cold nervous disorders mental disorders and so forth will NOT assail me as forces that oppress me. This
is also the case for devoted people – they become good really good.

vELpada viliseydh- anRu vidaimEl irundhu
madavaaL thanOdum udanaay
vaanmadhi vanigonRai malarsoodi vandhen
uLamE pugundha adhanaal
Elgadal soolilangai araiyan RaNOdum
idaraana vandhu naliyaa
aalgadal nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 08

The emergence of uncontrolled sexuality and sexual passions without love are the works of KamaveL, the
Cupid. BEING burns of his antics with opening the Third Eye of metaphysical Wisdom and mounting the
BULL of infinite virility along the eternally Youthful Woman, and wearing the Moon of soft glow, the Vani
leaves of abundance, the golden konRai flowers, has established Himself within me. And as such I will not
be tortured by RaavaNaa, the king of Lanka across the seas and noted for coveting the wives of others and
such evil people. And for the devotees of BEING too they will turn out to be good, really good.

palapala vEda maagum paranaari paagan
pasuvERum engaL paraman
salamaga LOd- erukku mudimEl aNindhen
uLamE pugundha adhanaal
malarmisai yOnu maalumaRaiyOdu thEvar
varukaala maana palavum
alaigadal mEru nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 09

BEING assumes different archetypal forms on His own to instruct each one of the creatures in accordance with
their own cognitive maturity. Such a BEING, always with WOMAN as His Equal Half and mounted on the BULL,
and having the Woman of Waters as the Ganges and wearing the Erukkam flowers has established Himself within
me. As such the devotees who are graced thus will not Fall into the Snares of Time and hence the understanding
within historicity of Brahma Thirumaal, and other deities of scriptures. The devotees enjoy being in Meru within
the ocean, the Golden Hill that remains invisible to non-devotees but supremely visible to the devotees of Siva,
Pure BEING. Thus, they become harmless, really harmless for the devoted.

kothalar kulaliyOdu visaiyaTku nalgu
guNamaaya vEda vigirdhan
mathamum madhiyu naaga mudimEl aNindhen
uLamE pugundha adhanaal
putharodu amaNai vaadhil alivikkum aNNal
thiruneeRu semmai thidamE
athagu nalla nalla avai Nalla nalla
adiyaaravarkku migavE. 10

BEING assumed the form of an excellent Hunter keeping by his side the WOMAN wearing a bunch of flowers to
defeat the great warrior Arjuna to make him humble. Such a BEING with this predisposition, wearing the
uumattam flowers along the crescent moon and the snake has come to stay within me. Because of that I have the
Sacred Ashes that would ensure victory over intellectual disputes with the Buddists and Jains and as such there
will no problems from such people. In fact for the devoted even such oppositions will turn out to be good, really

thEnamarpolil koLaalai viLai seNNel dhuni
vaLarsembon engum nigala
naanmugan aadhiyaaya piramaapurathu
maRaiNYaana NYaana munivan
thaanuRu kOLu naaLum adiyaarai vandhu
naliyaadha vaNNam uraisey
aanasol maalai yOdhum adiyaargaL vaanil
arasaaLvar aaNai namadhE

This temple of Piramapuram is the place where reside the deities from Brammah, the creator God and all
others. As such the whole locale is full honey flowers and sugar canes mills providing pleasures of all
kinds for the people and full of gold earned by good harvest of rice and other crops. I have learned the
scriptures as well as have enjoyed the Absolute Understanding that transcends all scriptures and hence a
Munivan, the illuminated. With such an understanding I have composed these hymns to avoid the disasters
from the planets and stars. Anyone who sings these hymns with understanding will not be assailed by such
forces and would in fact lead a heavenly life without any sufferings. I decree this from my own

It is a good idea to cite the source of the meanings (of the tEvArap padigam of Sambhandar) if they are not your own.
Not open for further replies.

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