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Thirukkovilur and Aadhi Rangam

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Let me share my experience of drive from Chennai to Thirukkovilur and Aadhi Rangam.

I was told by my colleague that he visited on of the oldest temples and had darshan of one of the biggest Ranganathar near Thirukkovilur. I was initially surprized because I had been to Thirukkovilur couple of times and never heard of this Ranganathar temple.

Then on a Sunday I started the drive towards Thirukkovilur. Chennai --> Tambaram --> Chengalpet --> Thindivanam --> Villupuram (inside the villupuram town) --> Thirukkovilur --> Manalurpettai --> Aadhi Thiruvarangam.

Reached the temple at around 10am. The temple is right opposite to the ponni river bed. A slightly dilapidated temple, but a big one. Less crowded even on sunday. Beautifully carved bigggg Ranganthar with His two consorts. The priest mentioned that this is the biggest [evidently] Ranganathar in Tamil Nadu. Lord rested here after his Matsya Avatharam. And so there is no specific promotional ads and/or directions mentioned for this temple on its way. The temple is not closed in the afternoons. Its open from 0830hrs till 1900hrs or even more.

Thereafter reached Thirukkovilur just at the time it was about to be closed. Had a great darshan there too.

Some points to remember:

1. If you are planning for long drive on a leisurely holiday and want to have divine darshan, then these two places are ideal.

2. Most importantly, visit Thirukkovilur first as it is closed at around 1200noon and then you can drive to Adi Thiruvarangam. As I mentioned before, Adi Thiruvarangam is open through out the day.

3. You have to ask for Thiruarangam, if you need to seek directions from the local people.

4. Thiruvarangam is around 17km from Thirukkovilur. You have to drive few kilometers on Thirukkovilur - Thiruvannamalai road and take a left, which indicates 'Manalurpettai salai'.

5. The priest in Thiruvarangam had asked the people visiting the temple to carry more flowers to offer to the Lord.

6. Total kilometers to cover onward and return to home will be at 400+ [From Chrompet in Chennai]

7. Total time required would be around 8 hours.

Ananth M
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There are temples in Tirukkoilur itself. One is Ulagalarntha Perumal,
second is Veeratteswarar temple and the third is Arakandanallur Shiva

River South Pennar flows through the town to Bay of Bengal. One Shiva
temple is on the northern side , and one vaishnava and shiva temple on
the southern side of the river.

There are other interesting places. Here only Avvaiyar sang 'Vinayagar
Agaval' and she was lifted to the heaven by Lord Ganesa by his thumbikkai.

Saint Gnaniar's samadhi is on the southern side of the river and the
Athistanam of Sathguru sri Gnananandagiri swamigal and the brindavanam
of sri Ragoothama swamigal are on the northern side of the river.

Advaitham, Visishtaadvaitham and Dwaitham in one place.
yes sir, I do agree with you about the temples in Thirukkovilur. But I just shared my experience of visiting these 2 temples.

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