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Thirst for profit

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Life is a dream
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The corporate hijack of water is on and if the current trend continues, India's water sources will be in private hands before long.

An Excellent Article and a Deep Insight into the Latest Controversy awaiting our Beloved Politicians


Private water, public misery

Privatisation of water is taking root in India, often aided by political and bureaucratic corruption. Alongside, resistance to this is also building up.


Bottled loot
The structure and economics of the Indian bottled water industry.


For a Detailed Article on this
Buy the latest Issue of Frontline ([FONT=arial, helvetica] Vol. 23 :: No. 07
Apr. 08 - 21, 2006
[/FONT]) where this is the Cover Story
Truely we have to agree we are living in a situation where lot of maneaters are there. Maneaters are nothing but our politicians. they are going to sell us to World Bank one fine day. See water is the primary necessity for mankind. Even Valluvar told "Neerindri Amayadhu Ulagu". Its a universal truth. Cos like Pepsi & Coca Cola are boring huge bore wells so it will suck everything from the earth, water saved for centuries. But nobody bothers about this. This mazhai neer segarippu thittam implemented in TN is a good plan and everybody should implement it. This inturn will make a boost in the underground water level. Even it can stop the sea water entry into underground. sea water entry will completely pollute existing water resources.
In a world full of competition people have hardly any time to fight for things like this, its not at all possible to go to the streets in our current job culture. So politicians should think about the nation and do something good for the mother land. Ofcourse they are elected by us to do that, instead they are doing all nuisance things.
I expect no of replies same as that of views.

Right time that you highlighted this news to the forum, our country is being sold to foreign entities by the same people whose ancestors fought for swaraj!!!. huh. I have stopped using coke, pepsi or the union carbides 'Everady' batteries and products. Its evident that a 'Narmadha bacho andolan' is not just enough to save our massive water resources. India is being used as a dumb ground and trash yard for a very many variety of hazardous chemicals from cell phone waste to computer waste to oil to now nuclear dumping. Our argicultural lands are getting rotten. How can we save our space? any viable options?

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