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Think about it All Indians!!!

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A nation where the price of Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Sim Card is free.Pizza reaches home faster than an ambulance or police. Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%. Students with 45% get admission in elite institutions thru quota system and those with 90% don't because of merit. Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating the money to charity. 2 IPL teams are auctioned at Rs.3300 crores and India is still a poor country where people starve for 2 square meals a day. A country where footwear that people wear is sold in AC showrooms, but vegetables, that they eat are sold on the footpath. Where everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to follow the path to be famous. Assembly complex buildings are getting ready within a year while public transport bridges & roads alone take several years to be completed. Where people make lemon juices with artificial flavors and dish wash liquids with real lemon. Think about it!
Respected Kunjuppu Sir,
As a democratic nation and as responsible citizens of this country, it is our duty to understand the recent situation of our nation. We can't change anything over night. But we can change our self. We can initiate some awareness or try to change something of our reach. This is my humble opinion. If we will not think about our country then who will Sir? The movement is already initiated by the Gandhian... Shri Anna Hazare... If a single man can start a motion, each single man/woman of the nation can start something as their contribution. If there is a will, there is a way. I think, you were just expecting this reply from me, that is why you have raised this question.. right sir... Because as a senior member, and as an experienced writer, you very well know how to get the answer from whom. Right Kunjuppu sir...????

thank you anandi.

no 'respected' or 'senior' status for me please. i am just another member like you. all of us are equals.

may i please give you an example of wealth creation. out of nowehere?

i live and work in toronto, canada. previously we had an office canteen, whose food was terrible. the coffee tasted like ground mud.

the contractor then handed over the cafetario to a chain called 'tim hortons'. now tim hortons is a canadian success story for light food, coffee and snacks. they keep the coffee fresh made only for 20 minutes (coffee gets burnt after that and loses its freshness). their donuts (sweet vadais) are out of this world.

you should see the lineup now. even i, who used to shun cafetaria coffee, treat myself to one a day.

this is a personal example of witnessing wealth creation, job creation and business creation out of nowhere.

personally, i think, a society can withstand the corruption, as long as it can afford it, but wealth creation.

japan, perhaps is the most corrupt country at the top levels. japan has the highest level of built up roads going no where. just because the construction companies, yakuza (mafia) are in collusion with the government.

china now ranks as the most corrupt country in the world.

not to say that we should have and tolerate corruption. i think wealth creation can solve many of india's ills.

so, it is in that context i wondered what difference does it make where real lemon is used and does it really matter where footwear or vegetables are sold, as long as they are good quality and affordable? i love IPL for the interest and excitement it creates. a society needs to relax and IPL is a good easy way. i see nothing wrong there.

hope this answers your query.

thank you.
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Hello Sir, ( this I cannot skip) It is the habit of Teachers to call Sir/Madam, I can't help it. I will omit "respected" okay?

Thank you so much for the reply. You are absolutely right. Personal improvement and betterment in position and power is everyone's requirement. no harm in it. but it shouldn't be at the cost of simple/ average man's life. As we know, India is a big democratic country and still we do follow democracy and obey rules and regulations. We respect judiciary. I have read somewhere that compared to other countries, India is less corrupted, the problem here is poverty, and certain percentage is still under the poverty line. Wealth accumulation is in top level. There are so many under privileged sections here. So these kinds of opinions do arise. And our politics you know, so many brain tanks, all have their own views and have the ability to say it in public. People are confused and media hype is too much. All are eager to know what's happening around. If someone is agitating against the government, public is under the impression that they will bring some good will to them. The expectations are always from lower middle class group. The upper middle class is busy to climb up to the high class grade with all the amenities, so they are working hard. Never wasting time in indulging them self in such type of movements. They want remain as the spectators.
Whatever it is... This heart beats for our country.. Let us hope all is well. and all will be well in the coming time too. Let all live happily and in peace. There is a famous Malayalam poem.. written by Vallthol.. a famous Malayalam poet.. it is like this...
BHARATHAM " enna peru kettal Abhimana,Poorithamakanam,Andarangam, " KERALAM" ennu kettalo "THILAKANAM CHORA NAMAKU NARABUKALIL... You should be proud of yourself, when you hear about the name Bharatam, but your blood should get excited on your veins, when you hear about your mother land.. Keralam.. I hope you will like this. Keep in touch and all the best.
Thanks and regards.

i get excited when i sing this..about my native town:

vadakara nagaram, valiya oru nagaram
maaLigai, peedika, paandikasaala!! :)

i used to sing this when i was a wee boy.. and vadakara was sheer pattikkaadu. now i hear things have changed...
Dear Anandi,

I like your thoughts, however sadely there are not many who think like you or me.

According to me corruption is nothing but a way to get up in life or as you said climbing up in life for some especially the government officials.

Wherever we go there is a rush to get to the front, whether it be while driving, standing in a queue or in acedemics or other fields.

For e.g. I for one am one who does not break a traffic signal as an ethical driver. But that does not stop the person behind me to honk so that he can break a rule. This is where the corruption starts, as the driver behind me knows that if he breaks the rule the first point is there will be noone to stop him. even if he finds a traffic inspector he might get away by paying bribes.

The point is that people like anna hazare are once in a lifetime people. He has no responsibility, I am presuming that you are married. Just think if you try to do such a thing, do you think that your family will allow you even think. No because there are social responsibility.

As of me I do my bit to be a good citizen.

Hello Sirs (Karthik & Kunjuppu)

I really am motivated by your replies. it is absolutely true that charity begins at home, it is also true that if we have family responsibilities we will think twice before we take an instant decision, that time we put our family first before anything. That too if have kids then nothing comes before them. This is our Indian culture. I do attend lots of seminars and short term programme in Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA), the most of the debate and discussion is on this. We have to salute our tradition and culture and we are brought on values. Where our heart beat for our parents and elders. Still we have that respect; I do not deny the rare cases and incidents. But mostly we treasure our values and want to bring up our kids on those values. Because tomorrow is for them and we will in the state of our parents tomorrow. We expect certain bondage from our kids. These traditions make India unique, special.
Regarding corruption, it has become the part and parcel of the system. I also join with Mr. Karthik's views, as responsible citizens of this country; we can contribute in a small and possible way. It is better to do something than doing nothing. Each drop contributes to make an ocean. I would be privileged to send you these clippings on Kerala... I hope you two will love it. Just for your kind information, I have made some small motivational modules for my school students of class 10th and 12th. Now the Examination pattern has changed a bit, taking away the stress from the students. But that was not the scenario a year before, many students committed suicide before and after the examination imagining the failure. So, to motivate them and inspire them about life and about goal settings and how to relax and enjoy life... I have prepared a small video series... it is a simple one... within my knowledge limit... (I will send you the module later just to show you) one aspect... I put in that was PATRIOTISM... Academic is not the only criteria to assess a person. If you are below average in academic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t live in this world, or you go on a depression and become coward. Go and join in the army and serve for the country, and if you lose your life for the country one day. Billions of people will lure your courage and dedication and fighting spirit. On a programme organized by KERALA SAMAJAM, AHMEDABAD, I had added these two clippings in that... this is just for information for you gentlemen. That clippings for you, just to evoke and reignite the same patriotism in our self too..
Thanks and regards...
keep in touch and update me with new information. I too will do the same, if I have something special. Take care and all the best to you two.

YouTube - ‪Kerala - Southern State of India‬‏

YouTube - ‪Ente Malayalam - Amma Promotion‬‏
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