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Thila tharpanam during Mahalaya paksham

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Dear gopalan sir and others

I'm reasonable practicing hindu (not sure at what degree). Been doing regular sadhyavanadam, srardha kariyas for parents, and for mathru bahini's karma/srardha and all. Recently performed upanayanam for my son including abyudha nandhi etc. Last few years peforming pakshaya malayam. Just introducing background and all.

When i inquired with an astrologer for my son's horoscopes (10 year old) they said he has pitrhu dosham, and ask us to perform thila tharpanam in rameswaran in Jan 2014, sometime during saturn transits to his vishaka rasi. Whenever i find time i goto rameswharam during mahalayaksham time and perform theertha srartham and perform mahalayam on and off. wondering is it okay to perform thila tharpanam during mahalayapaksham.. There is no need for me to do it early before jan 2013. Given that weekend is coming - thinking on those lines.

Any information will be helpful

After death people get pretha sareeram. after ten days vasodhakam and thilothakam it gets pithru sareeram. you are doing only for pithru sareeram in rameswaram. some people will get unnatural death like train accident, bus accidents, death by cobra bite, poison drinking, suicide, falling from height,drownning, etc. unless otherwise you go to rameshwaram and do thila homam these unnatural dead persons caannot get the pithru bhaavam. this can be seen in the horoscope. as pithru thosham. you may do during mahalaya paksham also in ramesvaram --thila homam. or at any time convenient to you. you will get some more information from prasna aaroodam. or by thaampoola prasnam.
Thanks Gopalan ji. Are you saying that thila homam is the way for the pithru to move to pithru bhaavam from pitrhu sareeram.
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