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Thila Homam

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Thila Homam is performed to ward off difficulties arising out of Pithru Dhosham, which is the outcome of non performance of srardhams, and other rituals performed to propitiate our ancestors. It is performed by brothers collectively, if there are two or more brothers alive. Through this homam the pithrus are satisfied and they bestow their blessings not only on us but also on our children and grandchildren.
Thila Homam is usually performed at Rameswaram and we performed this recently there.
There are learned pandits well versed in vedhas and are experts in performing this homam. One such scholar is Shri Ramanadha Dikshitar whose address is:
1/38, South Car street, Rameswaram 623526. He can be contacted at phone no. 04573-221654 and mobile 09442044739
There are two places to weed off Pithru dosham. One is Thirukkadigai, known as sholinghur, where during every pithru Pakshs ie
Mahalayam,it is said the departed souls arrive here to bless their own descendants.It is recommended to offer Brahmin poor feeding here during karthigai month to get rid of Pithru Dosham. The other place is Sethu called as Rameswaram, at Thiruppullani, where Sri Dharba Sayanar Ramar Temple is.Performing any sort of homam here gives more value than performing in any other Kshetram.
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