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Thila homam

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Dear srkgsk,
Thilahomam is a homam conducted with til "Ellu" in Tamil. Thilahomam is conducted to get rid of pitru dosha. Also, if anyone died unnaturally in your family also, this can be conducted. This should be done only once in a life time. This is normally done in Sethu not in Rameswaram. You can approach one Mr.TPR.Lakshmana Shastri in thiruppullani. He is the right person to guide you.

Pl. visit the following website to learn about thilahomam more. Thilahomam

Contact No. of TPLS Lakshmana Shastri : ph:04567254261.

with best wishes

The information provided by Mr.Janakiraman is very interesting. A few years back I was advised to perform "thilahomam" at Rameswaram only. Nothing was mentioned about "Sethu". Is there any significance of performing the homam at Sethu rather than at Rameswaram?
I think this thila homa is very powerful and if not done properly, it will affect even the doers. So get clarify with experts and then proceed please...

Pithru Dosham can be classifid in many ways; it is said that the curse of departed souls, when going against their will, curses the person who defies their wish. In the Brahmin community, this can be classified to failure of performing the rituals, that are basically part of their birth Karma to perform the Pithru Karmas. In astrological point, if the fifth & 10th house lords are ill placed and the running dasa being that of the ill placed planets, this combines the Pithru dosham. There are two places mentioned in the scriptures to weed off the Curse. One being Sethu known as Rameswaram or at ThiruppullaNi and the other being Sholinghur, known as Pithru Kshetram which is situated about 20 kms from Arakkonam in Tamilnadu. Performing a Thila Homam at the former place and offering Anna Dhanam at Sholinghur are the Pariharam stipulated. The effect of Pithru Dosham in some cases only temporal and can be ridden off by offerings and pariharms. Generally, if the Karma is not performed then it lasts for three generations.If a Thila Homam is performed at Sethu, then even the life time curse vanishes!
dear mr. jr, im very much thanks for ur reply about THILA HOMAM. I ve been instructed by an astrologer who is also a brahmin, to conduct the thila homam at rameshwaram only to get rid of PITHRU DHOSHAM of a lady belonging to PREVIOUS GENERATION. so can u pl suggest anybody in rameshwaram. ANYWAY IM VERY MUCH THANKFUL FOR UR KIND INFORMATION. S GANESHKUMAR
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