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These YANTHRAS can cure your specif problems , which any GEMSTONES,CAN'T DO.

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More than gemstones, there r traditionally made yanthras made of silver, usually in the form of thabeez, with written mathras embedded on it. These yanthras are more powerful and result giving than any gemstones. Gemstones are very popular ...in this world. Many use the same, but no one finds results, fruitfulness in their life. But yanthras are actual mathraas embedded gadgets. For example "Dhana Aagaman Yanthra" which gives money on specif period of time mentioned. See more details about :Dhana Aagamana Yanthra" in wikepedia and serch this on google. This is one of the very rare yanthra with money flow date predictions.

There is astrologer poduval,who delivers yanthra by courier to any part of the world. there are many yanthras for any specific reason. They all have shown, and alwys show striking results.

Here are some yanthras that I know which r available with mr.poduval who is the most wellknown astrologer of today.

LAKSHMI YANTHRA(for businessmen)
SANJEEVANI YANTHRAM(for shani preeti)
DHANVANTHRI YANTHRA(for effective treatment of any illness)
BUDHA GRAHA VIDHYA YANTHRAM(for education,concentration,memory)
SANTHAANA GOOPALA YANTHRAM(for frequent abortions/childloss)

Note: all yanthras are made of silver, also, yanthra will be delivered only after checking the horoscope of the person or by performing prashna on a specific problem if no horoscope is available. All yanthras are available in frames also, if there is any special requirement.
Note: The cost include courier charges also, which will be sent by DTDC courier. For rural areas, it will be sent by ordinary registered post also.
Call Shri.Shri.Chithrabhanu K Poduval
ASTROLOGER, here is his number: 09526570250, 09495895959

Seach wikepedia.org for Chithrabhanu K Poduval, for more details abt him.See More
Dear Murthy2828
Will Your astrologer give any written guarantee about success of these 'yantras' or at least give written undertaking that he will refund either full or part of the original amount if the person who had ordered and got the 'yantras' found them not effective after a specified period.
Please do not misunderstand me as I had to incur heavy monetary loss by going to similar people only to satisfy my second daughter who was a Depression patient.
Dear Sir, I want dont want to gurentee anythg abt this, its the duty of the astrologer mr.poduval to clarify this question. With my experience, i want to tell u that i defined this from his email to me ones, trying to clarify about the importance of yanthras. His yanthras are not silly ones. he is the first person in this world to deliver yanthras with predictions along with it. He used to gurentee money back...he is such a nice person to talk with.

I want to tell u something serious sir. If your daughter is a depression patient, pls call mr.poduval on number 0091 9526570250, or 04985 229962, check her horescope and find whtas the matter with her. He is referred by nearby medical college for curing acute psychic cases, thats why i saw this. Also he is aperson who found morre that 40 culprits till date, prashna method in astro-sciences. He is a great intutionist and scholer. Please do the needful 4 ur daughter.

I am pleasent, worthy all bcoz of his said parihaaras. Thats why i am promoting him.He is a frequent traveller , and used to travel all over india for doing parihaaras with a vaadhyaar along with.

God bless u, ur daughter
Dear Mr.Murthy,
Mr.Poduval may be a genuine person.We form our opinion based on our own experience.In my opinion a doctor may be very good & effective for certain persons but some others do not have such a good opinion about the same doctor.Similar is the case with astrologers and other professionals.
Perhaps fate also plays a part in these matters.
I would like to share my experience with you.My younger sister( now74 years) was unwell in the year 1985 and admitted in a nursing home in Ambattur, Chennai.Doctors after examining her Lungs x-Ray suspected cancer and referred her to Cancer Hospital, Adayar.I do not know what tests they conducted , but refused to admit her stating that she is in advanced stage of Lung Cancer and may not survive long.They suggested some treatment
keeping the patient in the house only.All of us rushed to chennai.Her condition was really worse and we were sure that end may come soon.My sister's husband was economically weak,but my nephews in their endeavour
to save their mother took heavy loans called some nurses employed in reputed hospitals in chennai and started the treatment as suggested by the Cance Hospital,Adayar.
At this point of time a friend of my nephew working in Heavy Vehicles factory,Avadi insisted that my sister should be shown to one Doctor by name Mr.SELVARAJ.They somehow managed to take her to that doctor who was a very busy person.When they reached the doctor's place Doctor was just going out.They waited for more than 2 hours and wanted to take my sister back home.Fortunately the Doctor came back, examined my sister
diagnised that she is suffering from 'acute anaemic condition.He suggested anti doses for earlier treatment and when she started taking medicines prescribed by the Doctor her condition started improving.She was also paralysed below the abdomen.After treatment she started moving her legs and slowly started walking.
Today she is as normal as any person of her age in her health condition.
Sorry Sir! My second daughter expired in May,2009.
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