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'Therinjuko'.....from movie 'Run'

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Nadu Rathiriyil enthiruchi office pona, WIPRO nu therinjuko
Vidiye kalaiyil veetuku vanthal, CTS nu therinjuko
Vaaram orukka veetukku vanthal ,
INFOSYS 'nnu therinjukko
Ambathu mailuku oru reply adicha,
ACCENTURE nu therinjuko
Velai kidachum vettiya ukkantha,
PATNI 'nu therinjuko
Daily thanni adichu velaiku pona,
HEXAWARE nu therinjuko
Innamum solren therinjiko
Decode panni purinjiko
Vaada machchan Programmer aaite

tan-ta tan- taen

Paithiyam pudichi munnuku vanthutte
tan-ta tan-taen

Vella illanaa kavala vendaam,
TCS irukkuthu therinjuko... Oh yea
VB ponna love panna neraya, Poi sollanum therinjuko....Oh yea
Career illadha cycledhanda, Corporate Worldnu therinjuko

Deadline kooda Mega serial pola, Ezhuluthu adikanum therinjiko
Innummum solren therunjuko
Code eluthi purinjuko

Vaada machchan Programmer aaite
Paithiyam pudichi inge vanthutte
Immsai immsaiyo mo, Oh yae!

Immsai immsaiyo mo, Oh yae!

Immsai immsai, immsai immsai, Don't go!
PL vandhu sirichu pesunaa, Vela varudhunu therinjiko

Cauvery poala hike thara maruththa,
SATYAM nu therunjuko
Dharalamaa Salary koduthaal,
VERIZON nu therunjuko
HR dept'la irundhu call vandhaal, Confirm aagitaaruu therinjiko
Innummum solrean therunjuko

Treat kodduththu therunjukoa

Vaadaa machchan Programmer aagite
Kirukku pudichu inge vandhute!
Daily thanni adichu velaiku pona, HEXAWARE nu therinjuko

i am aftraid about above line. since my daughter is joining HEXAWARE. Please advise me it is good company or not.


I am sure this version is a handiwork of some "bench guy(s)" in Hexaware. All of it is light hearted banter. So there should be no cause for worry.
Not open for further replies.

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