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Thepperumanallur Shiva temple

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On the day of the recent solar eclipse ( 15.1.2010 ) , around 10.30
a.m, a king cobra climbed the vilva tree , plucked the leaf ,entered
the sanctum santorum and placed the leaf on top of the Shiva linga.
The cobra , it seems, did it thrice. The public watched it .

This incident is reported in the tamil newspapers and also in several

The cobra entered the sanctum santorum via the ghomukha of Lord
Shiva's shrine.

The cobra might be some siddha purusha. Any comments on this
incident please. Thanks.

Dear sri Durgadasanji,

Many thanks for your info.

In this context, I would like to recall what sri Kanchi Paramacharya
once said about a Andhra Brahmin family. It appears that
the lady of the house gave birth to a cobra. The lady's mother,who
was blind, inadvertently killed the child ( i.e., cobra ). Then the
family suffered from naga dosham. Such incidents are rare , but
they do happen.

There is one more anecdote. A dog came out of the Arunachala
hills and started barking, standing behind the Ashram. The devotees
wanted to drive it away, but Bhagawan Ramana called the
sevarthis and asked them to feed the dog and told them that
a siddha purusha who was doing penance in the hills had come out
in the form of a dog because he was feeling hungry.

Even now, there are many siddha purushas in various forms in and
around Arunachala hills doing penance. Only a blessed few could
see them.
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