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"Theetu" rules for smarthas

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I need clarity on the following; only informed comments welcome.

Theetu for Smarthas when deaths of the following category happen:-


(i) Uncles/Granduncles:

(ii) Athais/their husbands and sons/daughters:

(iii) Nephew/Niece:

(iv) Cousins twice removed:


(i) Grandparents and their siblings:

(ii) Uncles/Aunts/their spouses:

(iii) First Cousins/their spouses:

Spouse's (Wife's)Side:

(i) Parents-in-law:

(ii) Brother-in-law and spouse:

(iii) Sister-in-law and spouse:

(iv) Nephew/niece & their spouse:

Nowadays, getting clarity has become quite tough. Answers are contradictory.

It will be helpful for all those, who wish to maintain tradition, if clear guidelines are available.
The Dharmasastram book which is available in almost all book shops (like GIRI) clarifies and also provides more than what you need in this regard... Pranams
A carefull and detailed reading of the Smritis will clear a lot of doubts.Our satrigals and pattis (with due respect to them) give a blanket time for theettu.
I am giving only one example of how clear Manu was on this aspect.He says if you recieve news of a death of a sapinda (normally 10 days as per our custom) when you are in a far off place across rivers your theetu lasts only for one night.
The rules were more in the nature of preventing infection etc.
Similarly he clarifies the theettu in the case of the birth of a child also.
Dear PBK ji

Normally we call it as "Vruthi" though it is treated equivalent to theetu. Am I right? The same infection criteria is applicable here also na.
Also a buffer time of some nazhis have been given to take some essential things immediately after death. How much is the time exactly?

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