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The real benefit of GAYATHRI MANTRA

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My friend taught me gayathri mantra, and told the following importance.
There is one mantra to have santana prapthi for childless couples,
There is one mantra for having wealth
There is one mantra for having good education.

Thus there are many mantras and all the mantras ultimately reach goddess gayathri devi, Hence is the moola mantra,
Instead of chanting the srilakshmi mantra or saraswathi mantra or any other mantra, If one chants the gayathri alone it is enough.

What ever may be the wish, it will be fullfilled.

Is the above one true?

Suppose I want to get married, i don't need to read swayamvara parvathy mantra, all i can do is recite gayathri mantra for 1008 times daily.

Suppose I want to get rid of any evil effects, I don't need to do sri prathyangira devi mantra or the sarabeshwara mantra, all i can do is read gayathri mantra for 1008 times daily.

Is my though correct?

thanks in advance


let me tell you what i think.

gayathri manthra or any other manthra is a matter of faith. if you are using faith, to get material benefits, i am not so sure you will succeed. maybe you will, maybe you will not.

it is not only not fair, to try to get material benefits, out of what is inherently a spiritual quest and the search of it thereof.

the only way for you to satisfy yourself, is to do perform the 'n' number of the said manthra, and see, if your wishes are fulfilled. then you can say, that this works for you. ok?

to me, if you want to get married, you need to search based on your wishes, what you are, and the reality of the marriage market. no amount of gayathri, is going to change those things.

i see that your friend has left the back door open. he did not say how many days you should chant the gayathri. so, i think, it is useless advice.

best wishes, for whatever you seek.
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