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The Nature of Truth.


Active member
The nature of truth is to be free from contradictions. We approach nearer and nearer truth as we find less and less contradictions. The only thing which is so free is non-duality'...'This may be achieved at first, as the Upanishads say, in lightning flashes, in fleeting momentary glimpses, but later this must be established into permanency. You should stabilize them through self-recollectedness to be done throughout the day, and through the constant reminder that the world is not separate from yourself. It is not enough to grasp the intellectual truth of non-duality'...'As the man of realisation knows the world to be an idea, a mental construct, the sense of unifi cation and love to all mankind is simultaneously its materialization, for he knows no difference between idea and matter. Hence too he wishes all beings to be happy, loves even his enemy, wishes him no harm, for he knows the truth of universal self-identifi cation. Thus to the extent a man realises the truth, he can do good and no more'...'Any kind of difference means contradiction. Nothing whatsoever other than the Atman exists. If you think there is another entity, whether man or God, there is no truth. This is the teaching since time immemorial of those who have inquired into truth.'

True! However mind is the cause of contradictions. If somehow one can merge the mind with the atman then here will no more contradictions ever!

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