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The Month of Aadi

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I came to know that:
The Month of Aadi began two days ago.
There are many beliefs pertaining to Aadi.
Generally it is believed to be one of the sunya months.

Let us see......
The month of Aadi has the following holy days

Aadi Velli - 4 or 5
Aadi Chevvaay - 4 or 5
Aadi Krithikai
Aadi Paurnami
Aadi Amaavaasai
Aadi Pooram
Aadi Perukku
People think that Navarathri comes in Purattasi.
According to the Shaktha practice, there are 4 navarathris in a year.
Shaktha was a religion by itself where the Goddess - Shakthi is worshipped as the Supreme Being.
That was long ago.
Let us come to the navarathris...

Vasantha Navarathri
Aashaada Navarathri
Sharadha Navarathri
And one more in the cold season.

Aashada Navarathri comes in the month of aadi.
Navarathri is 9 + 1 days


If you add up all these days, you have 22 to 25 holy days.
Aadi pooram is the Nakshatra of Ambaal.

according to me Aadi is NOT a Sunya Month.
But a very Holy Month.
Aadi, Karkatakam, is indeed a very sacred, holy month for the keralam people: it is the 'Ramayanam' month, very special for SreeRama devotees in particular. Ramayanam is recited right through the month. For those who have about 20 minutes of time daily for this activity, i recommend listening to 'Ramavathara Charitham' by Smt D K Pattammal: very clear (spashtam) diction and rendering, typical of Ammal, available for listening in sites like 'musicindiaonline' and 'raaga'. May the first month of Dakshinayana, with festivals like Thiruvonam and Vinayaka Chathurthy closely following, bring Blessings, Prosperity and Happiness to everyone! - rj
There is a proverb in Tamil

ஆடிப்பட்டம் தேடி விதை

Aadi is the most auspicious month for commencing agricultural activities.

ஆடி பெறுக்கு (Aadi Perukku) is an important festival in Kaveri delta farmers.

All the best
Dear Dr Sundaram,
Aadi is very important month for Agriculturists, especially who live in the delta region. The rainy season in Cauvery area brings water to delta for sowing operations in Paddy fields. I am not sure why it is called Sunya month in Tamil? One reason may be, by making this month inauspicius, people were freed to attend Agricultural activities.
Aadi Thapas of Gomathi Ambal in Sankaran Koil is very famous festival in Tirunelveli District.
During theis "Karkitakam" month, in earlier days , when food storage was not so organised , and had no improved technologies for that, food materials used to be in short supply,eventhugh,at some places, there may be harvest, and operations for next crop would have started.

Many seasonal illness and diseases used to trouble people. Everything will be damp, including firewood.There will be floods ,and devastation due to incessant rains furious winds. (Aadi kaattu ammiyum paayum" is the saying.The winds are so strong and furious that it can lift even heavy materials. Thatched roofs are just toys for these winds. Most old age deaths occur in this month.
Hence, there will not be any festivals or happy occasions like marriage etc.Mobility of people will also be restricted due to bad weather and lack of transport amenities.

Today Karkitakam is only symbolic. Some smart peoople make business in the name of "Karkitakam"
........very true! i can't put it down more effectively! look at the Galle cricket test, devoted, chronic, incorrigible cricket fans would call this 'kalla karkatakam'!
hi folks,
kalla karkatakam means....more rainy season...ola kuda.....no real labor work in paddy fields...due to heavy rain..so many kallanmar coming
out in karkatakam................

hi folks,
kalla karkatakam means....more rainy season...ola kuda.....no real labor work in paddy fields...due to heavy rain..so many kallanmar coming
out in karkatakam................



Aadi is an auspicious month for seedlings in the Cauvery Delta. In the east coast of India, particularly Tamilnadu, rains use to be nominal and hence best season for starting agricultural activities is the month of Aadi.

In the west coast of India, rains will be very heavy during this month and hence agricultural operations may be affected.

However rain is the main input for agriculture and without water, agricultural activities will come to a standstill.

Aadi is also an auspicious month for `Ambal' worship. Like `Maargazhi', Aadi is considered an auspicious month devoted to God. Hence we don't perform auspicious functions such marriage etc at our homes. Fridays during the month of Aadi is highly auspicious for Ambal.

`aadi aaram maazam' for newly wedded couple is very popular even today. The newly wedded girl is sent to her parents house during the month of aadi for obvious reasons.

All the best
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hi chennai vaassigalukku
aadi masam thallupadi....from pothy's/and all commercial activities in and around chennai...........

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