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the meaning of Sacred thread

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Dharma Suthra:

In the age of Dharma Suthra, the thread of cotton was assigned to Brahmans, that of Hemp fibers (a plant cannabis sativa with a fibrous bark used for cordage, coarse cloth) was to Kshatrias and that of sheep hair (wool) to Vaisyas and previous top that deer skin served the purpose of sacred thread[1]. This talks about the ceremonies that will give good health and easy birth of children and disease free life.

For a Brahman a sacred thread of three is offere when he is at the age of seven. For this the student should remember that he should have
1) Deep concentration in his studies,
2) Obedience and
3) Creativity.

When he marries he is presented with three more threads which quotes that he should have
1) Broad Mind
2) Truthfulness to his wife and others connected with his family and
3) Mind to offer his teachings and sharing the experiences to others

And when attaing maturity at the age of 50 or above, he is again presented with three more threads which will give
1) Meditation
2) Silence and attaing
3) Siddhi.

Meditation and Silence will result in getting Gyana. The Gyana is the Prime Knowledge. Every man’s right side chest is filled with Bhagavath Svaroopam, (Calm) and left side with yogin power (application mind).

When a man tie his right breast with the cotton thread it stops the vibration (which is calm) coming out of it and doing the rituals for the dead.(application mind).

Some people wear the identification marks on their fore head. The reason for this is when a man concentrates on meditation his fore vain thickens with air which holds the breath and creates heat. To equalize the heat and to keep the body fit, it is adviced to apply few ases from burning certain herbals and cow dung.

This application of the sign later divided the men in many divisions.

[1] ) Nagendra Nath Vasu, Social History of Kamarupa Vol I, Northern Book Centre, New Delhi 1983 pp- 88-89
Elsewhere in another thread I read somebody raising doubt about the efficacy of daily sandhyavandanam.Your observations broadly addresses such issues very vividly.Infact just now I initiated another thread on whether Poonal is becoming ornamental these days.
Venkataraman Sir,you have provided valuable inputs on these issues.
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