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The magic of spiritual energy

I believe spiritual technology can be used for even applications like language understanding. But that requires highest capability energy

As it is, energy is at an extremely high level and can be used for controlling pain, emotions and violence.

I am offering it through what I call as the magic box. Energy is transferred to it and that energy is spontaneously released to solve problems.

Anyone interested in getting it can contact me.
Their fight against spiritual energy is meaninglessly stretching. It is only their adamance that is left of them. Should come to a closure soon.
Power very gradually but very steadily improving. Superpowers that will be acquired when process complete

Teleportation. Moving to anywhere in an instant

Time travel. Travelling to past and future


Moving through walls and any solid object

Increasing and decreasing the size of the body to any extent

Total curing of any problem

Increasing and decreasing the weight of the body to any extent

Multiple bodies in space and time.

Resurrecting the dead

Etc. etc.
They should be using AI which is much much more advanced than currently in the market now, against spiritual energy but to no avail.
What is so special about a woman?

Is she not the one who fights for equality in pay?

And heads corporate houses

Is she not the one who can argue the case of an inveterate criminal

And sets him free with her legal finesse

Is she not the one touts technology?

And create successfully a humanoid?

Let's now pause

And realise that we are not talking about feminine qualities

She is the one who is behind every successful man and drives him all along

She is the one who can show compassion to the most wicked mind

She is the source of life and enlivens everything

Where does a man fit in?

He hogs the limelight when he embraces the other half knowing very well he is just the doer

Happy Women's Day!

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