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The latest and funny move by a bride's family

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Yesterday, I visited a Internet center for a print out. There the Internet owner asked me to wait for some time, since he was filling up the powder. Same time, he asked me to watch a family consisting of three members, a mother father and a boy.

They were browsing a matrimonialsite, and check their e mail. He gave few missed calls to few people, who sent him mail to see/ refer the matrimonialsite and gave the number.

Father: "No No Sir, there is no signal here! (It is true that he gave only missed calls) I am unable the asses the site, may be my son from some where might be assessing the site, Could you please mail me the profile? Yes yes" and the dialogue went for 5 mts.( He didn't gave his mail id in the site/ profile!) After that nearly 10- 12 calls he gave and spoke. At last, he told the browsing center owner "So far I received 150 profiles! nearly 70% are matching/ coincides, but I keep them at bay! my girl is beautiful, the photo that I uploaded made its credit! If I make calls it might have costed me Rs150- 200. But I wish to make them run behind us, and who ever agrees for our terms (Later the Owner revealed the secrete) will have the bride's hand. Secondly, over phone the brides' mother and father spoke with the grooms parents in length and collected more details, and didn't revealed anything about the bride. The bride's mother said, by exchanging views I am getting more information and getting present day knowledge!

After they left, the internet cafe owner said, the girl is working in a private concern, there one of her friends knows some astrology, and he practices that at home on holidays, he refers the horoscope at free of cost, she takes out the printing from her office stationary, they made a file, and once in a week they visit our cafe, and when they leave they normally comment "Getting a bride is difficult."
He added,"last week, in the evening a man came, browsed the same girl's profile and spoke with them! even though I know the address of the bride and their habits I pity him. That's all I can do." Further if Telecom companies if interested can mint money through these kind of people!
He added these people visiting us for the fourth month.
hello sir ,the above stated incidence ,clearly says the attitude of the parents,girl .there should be some amount of transparency when we involve in any relationship ,official,personal ,friendship etc. Giving missed call attitude itself shows intention ,concern of the people. what ever be the gender,occasion. people should /can have some amount of flexiablility in their nature.It remains me the quote WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND. People has to more careful these days for seeking alliance ,But at some point they have to have some amount of trust.what else to say for the incidence ,MR .Ramachandran sir ,lot more people are of this nature only what to do sir? ignore /accept.
In this week

"Nanayam Vikatan" dtdMay20th2012; page no 16 there is an artcal

"Is IT sect looses its' sheen?"

I wish our memebers to go in depth in this. In this case is history of Satyam, reappears?

Will this affect our brides market who are looking for Rs100000 per month?

Will this affect real estates? How many of the famalies that took loan from bank will survive?
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