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The Kumbhabhishekam of Kutram Porutheeswarar Temple in Perambalur

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The Kumbhabhishekam of Kutram Porutheeswarar Temple in Perambalur

We, born as mortals knowingly or unknowingly due to our Karmic causes keep on committing mistakes which in turn become the causes for
furthering our miseries. How do we find redemption and what are the
means by which we escape this cycle?
In the District of Perambalur on the National Highway adjacent to
Tholudur on the bank of River Vellaru is the holy pilgrim centre by
name Su.Aduthurai. The presiding deities of this Temple are Siva and
his consort. The Tamil name for the Lord there is ‘Kutram
Porutheeswarar’ which can be literally translated as the’ Lord of
Forgiveness’ and the consort Elavar Kuzhali Ammai or the damsel with
beautiful and curly tresses.
The most revered divinely inspired Annai Siddhar Maharaj S.Rajkumar
the founder President of the Maha Siddhargal Trust based in
Brammarishi hills in Perambalur became the clairvoyant spokesman of
the Lord at Su.Aduthurai and many legends and miracles involving this
site were revealed to us through his divine Grace.
The Lord of Forgiveness Kutram Porutheeswarar will wash away all the sins that cannot be wiped out either by the Navagrahas or the nine
planets, and even by one’s Guru.
Legend has it that once Swethakethu son of the sage Uddhalagar had
prayed intensely here for redemption from a gross impropriety whereby
he was seduced by Thilothama and indulging in erotic sensuous display
during the time of Pradosham while the great saints like Brugu,
Pulastiyar, Vashista etc were performing pooja to the Linga. Swetaketu
begged for forgiveness and as per the instructions of the Lord he
bathed in the river Vellaru which is also called Neeva. Since his mind
like that of a monkey had veered away from steadfastness Swethaketu
cursed Thilothama to be born as a monkey and hence she with a blue
body took on the form of a monkey and finally attained liberation by
bathing in the same Neeva here.
The monkey bearing the name Neelan was in the service or Sri Rama and along with Sugreeva, Angatha and Hanuman and a host of other apes was instrumental in building the Sethu Bandan across to Lanka.
The entire retinue of apes has come here to bathe and hence bears the
name “Vanara snana theerthapuram”. The carved sculpture of Hanuman,
Neelan etc are to be found in the pillars next to the presiding female
deity. Just prior to Guruji Rajkumar Maharaj’s visit March this year
to this temple he had the divine sight of Valee and Sugreeva at
Bramarishi hill. The Brahmarishi hill is the abode for many monkeys
which are treated with great love and devotion by the visitors as they
offer sweet rice and fruits etc. to them.
Kutram Porutheeswarar temple has been built during the Chola period
in the 12thCen. And it has been periodically renovated through grants
by various rulers ranging from Chola, Chera, Pandya and the Nayakars
of Vijaya Nagar. All these grants and donation to the temple are
recorded in the epigraphs of the granite structure of the temple.
This temple had already been renovated recently with the funds
donated by the Tamil Nadu Government and it is awaiting
Kumbhabhishekam. On behalf of Maha Siddhargal Trust Rajkumar
Swamigal has taken on the divine task of Kumbhabhishekam of the temple
in January next year. On the day of the Kumbhabhishekam thousands of
needy people will be offered annadhanam and vasthradhanam. It is a
great opportunity to be part of this holy event that takes place in a
temple of Rishis which is almost thousand years old. The people who
want to take over the charitable projects are most welcome. Please
contact [email protected]
Rajkumar Swamigal has been the source of charity whereby annadhanam or serving of rice to appease the hunger of millions by the grace of his Master Kagapuganndeeswarar not only in Brammarishi hills but also in
and around Nambi hills, Anai Malai, Saturagiri hills, and Kolli hills
Mathaji Radha
[email protected]
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