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The Holy Darkness: a Study of Light in Brihadeshvara Hindu Temple, Tanjore, Tamilnadu

  • Thread starter Thread starter Ramacchandran
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Thank you Ramachandran Sir for posting the Holy Darkness paper. It is a wonder to know that researchers from abroad can throw so much light with regard to historical structures.Articles like this will surely inspire young researchers in the field of history and architecture.

To Sri Ramacchandran ji , this reserch paper was very much helpul to me for my reserch on sound and light,but late in getting,since I have submitted my reserch book to the committe, I will try to add some valueble points from the paper. Thank you, with regards s.r.k.
Can share more. Vedic Maths quotes more about Light and Sound. This is identified as SAMA VEDA. The calculation on Light and Sound was first located in Rig Veda where a Jamindhar in A.P. made a research in A.D. 1850 and presented in Madras Literary Society.

Not only this. the Fire arms like Canon manufactured by English also found in Nithi Prakasika which was translated by English. Has more proofs.
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