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The Ghost of Alfred Hitchcock and the Crow logic

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somanathan Iyer

Active member
This is an article by Alexys Fairfield in her series of soul meets world. Nice to read.

The other day I was out walking just minding my business when suddenly I saw a murder. No not THAT kind of murder. There were no guns, knives or weapons of any kind, just a “murder” of crows yelling “Caw!”

The term for a group of crows is called a murder. Not only was the murder murdering my hearing, I thought I was in Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds and he had just yelled, “Action!”

About 50 aggressive crows took turns swooping down on one defenseless crow on the ground who tried to fight them off the best way he could. Just then a man driving down the street stopped his car, scooped the injured crow up and drove off.

After doing a little research, I found out that crows will eliminate the odd or weakest crow out of the group because it may cause the murder to be susceptible to predators.

They like to fly under the radar so they can be the attackers and they can’t do it with a weak link. So are crows survivors, hypocrites or elitists?

Crow logic is evident even in human nature. Man does the same thing but for different reasons. We try to eliminate people we don’t like people because of what they believe or don’t believe.

We will criticize how they look, how they dress, how they talk, what they say and how they say it.

If they say one thing that’s not in line with what we think, they are an enemy. If they have an original idea or way it can be done and we don’t agree with it, we doubt they know what they are talking about and color them crazy for having such an idea.

We like or dislike people for what they have or lack, their ideals, associations, global location, position, disposition, how they pray, what they pray for or if they pray at all.

We make judgments on people without knowing anything about them. We hold opinions without asking questions. We hold views of ourselves and others that are sometimes false because we don’t have anything on which to base our opinions. That is if we are not afraid to have an opinion.

People are delicate creatures, despite their facades. We bleed, we ache, we cry, we are vulnerable, we breed compassion.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. They could be battling their own demons. Listen to the “murders” around you. They are telling you to pay attention. Pay attention to your family, friends, neighbors, boss, employees and yourself.

You matter in this life. What you do counts. You are a messenger of love, a soul carrier, an explorer of the stars. Life is your treasure. Kindness doesn’t go unheard, it’s feather brushes the heart.

It's not a crow eat crow world. Crows may serve their purpose in the animal kingdom, but you serve a bigger purpose to love.

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