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The four yugas

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Why are yugas based on the prevalance of dharma?

My views: The reason it seems to me is souls have to learn lessons during their existence. The satya yuga and the treta yuga are for the souls that are on the spiritual side and the dwapara yuga and the kali yuga are for the souls that are on the material side.

It is interesting that it has been said that the vedas are unquestioningly accepted only in the satya yuga and are only then fully abided by. As we regress to the lesser yugas the authority of the vedas are questioned and in kali yuga they are more or less ignored by even the brahmins.

There is something called as tantra besides the vedas and again it is said the tantric methods work much better than those of the vedas in the kali yuga, may be because the message of the vedas is lost upon the materialistically minded people.

I do not have enough knowledge about these tantric methods and would request anyone who knows about them to throw some light on them. But I would assume the modus operandi of it is to let people yield to their temptations and and let them be trapped and make them realize their folly.

The above contrasts with the method advocated by the vedas which urges people to lead an enlightened life but as I said it would be better directed towards sould which have sufficiently evolved. The reasons for 4 yugas would therefore seem to be catering to the different stages of evolution among the souls with the overall objective being one of elevating all of them.
there are also sandhis between yugas.five thousand one hundred eleven years back the kali yuga started when the eighth vishnu avataram lord krishna ascended to golokam.
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