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The Fate of B. Techs. today!

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Attached is a xerox of a news item from today's paper. A knowledgable person told me that B. Tech. seats are going abegging in TN also and more than 50% of the seats have not been filled up in the current year.I am placing this so that tabras need not feel unhappy about reservation of seats for NBs, OBCs, etc.


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This is happening for the last more than 3 years and people are all aware of this. The seats that go abegging are only those with some of the poorly equipped colleges. After paying a large amount of money as capitation fee you do not want to end up in a college where you do not get quality teaching, no well equipped labs nor the placement service(for obvious reasons these colleges do not get corporates visiting them for any recruitment). Reservation atrocity still has its effect in the selection of candidates to good colleges.
As a person associated with Engineering and academics, I can say this with full certainty. Excepting for some good institution 5-6 institutions in the country, in my opinion, most institutions are ill-prepared to turn out quality engineers from the practical front. The institutions in the top list at the regional level may have better teachers and some better equipment but I think good students are least benefited because of the teachers or the institute. It is usually personal initiative regardless of the college that is pushing up some students. Most students are little prepared at the practical level. I can assure you that any good student with science and maths background can get the knowledge without attending a day in his college. But that is because the examination system is largely rote and always theoritical. The practical experiments and lab sessions are not good in 99% of so-called good colleges.

All that matters is a degree in Engineering and good and dedicated study. Non IT Subjects have less placements of high salary. Such less paid jobs are available for any dedicated student and since it is the private sector which does the recruitment a good and dedicated engineer can get the job.

I agree with Sangom on this.
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