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The Daily Fix: With state governments building statues of gods, can India still call


Well-known member
Freedom in 1947 for India was blooded by the violence of Partion which killed lakhs of people and displaced crores. The country’s founding fathers responding by writing a secular constitution for the fledgling democracy. Unlike countries in the West, faith would not be absent from the public sphere but India’s religions would all be treated equally by the state. This secularism-with-Indian-characteristics was well suited for a deeply religious nation and for a couple of decades, belying the violence of Partition, India saw a remarkable spell of communal peace.

However, it seems, in 2018, India’s compact with secularism has unraveled. On Wednesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party chief minister of Uttar Pradesh announced that the state would construct a statue of the Hindu god Ram in the town of Ayodhya. This came a day after the state administration had held a celebration of the festival Diwali.


The people who wanted government out of Temple, are quite. Showing that they are a hypocrite.


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Nothing wrong per se....Are not the Arabs doing it in the most happening part of Middle East ie in UAE....I am not talking about the most rabidly communal Saudi...How about the Governments in Indonesia & Malaysia...Are they not building mosques...Moreover this is just one off...Do not forget that Somnath that was destroyed 17 times was reconstructed by the Indian Government in 1951...I think Ayodhya, Mathura & Kashi also need to be reconstructed


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First off all, how can any builder build a mosque on top of a demolished temple???

Indians have this fundamental problem of NOT questioning anything that is so called official.

indian archealogy report on a ram temple existing below Babri masjid is the worst ever intellectual dishonesty !!!

tell me how can you build any structure unless you clear all the foundation pillars of the temple ????

can you construct a new house without fully clearing the old house and it's pillars ?? Nope.

on the other hand, you can use the old materials to build a new temple. So in some cases the Mughals used the old temple pillars from near by places and used it for the mosque construction. But it was not in the original place where the temple stood.

Most of our temples are constructed out of stones, so it is not possible to build mosque in top of it,

why didn't they build on top of ruined temples in hampi and so many other places in india ?????

also some say they encompassed the ruined temple and built a mosque. I have yet to hear that there is a dysfunctional mosque where there is ruined temple inside. So how can the faithful pray inside the mosque ???

and what religious group will build any shrine encompassing a ruined temple inside ???


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I am not a civil engineer nor a builder. Others are more than welcome to correct me !!!

pl enlighten this world how a mosque can be built on top of an existing foundation of a demolished temple ?? Most of our temples have stone foundation and not mortar,

and why will the Mughals build their mosque which is the most important religious place for them on top of temples ?