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The common man pitted against uncommon selfishness


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This is kali yuga and a weird time. Do not expect the natural. It is the artificial, bizarre and despicable that rules. In no other yuga or place one can find a minuscule minority determining the fate of the rest with gay abandon and utmost effortlessness. It is as if the rest are under a spell, an evil spell though. Why cant or why wont the common man wake up? What makes it so difficult? The plusses of the minuscule minority are their overwhelming and unbelievably disproportionate money and power of position. The worst thing is they dont deserve an iota of that money or the power. But the horrendous reality is they wield them and make the rest meekly surrender.

What can the common man do? Their advantages are the man power and the far superior ethical power at least if they chose to take that position. Both are potent enough to overpower the power of the minority. Let all the rest employ the moral and ethical paradigm and oppose all that are contrary to them. They should rise in one voice and again and again. Their resolve has to be firmest because they are trying to free themselves from the tyranny of the minority and become free. The common man is no better than a slave from a mental point of view. Slavery need not be physical. What can a few thousands or a few ten thousands do when a billion wake up and dare to oppose them and replace them.

Let it be non violent but the common man should give a very stern fight and get his rightful and long overdue freedom.
Coping up with the rich and the powerful is much easier than you think if you understand certain real hard truths. Firstly these people are effects focused and so intensely at that. They are content if what they want to happen happens at the physical level. There are blissfully unconcerned about the mental, ethical aspects and inner effects. What is visible is what concerns them. We will see how we can use this to our immense advantage.
As I opined, it is both numerical strength and ethical stance that can overpower the Adharmic. I will illustrate what sort of strength is required.

Kali Yuga can be said to be in operation when more than three fourths of the people are mentally corrupt. So to get elevated back to a relatively dharmic society, I believe more than one quarter to half of the people should be relatively dharmic. So many people I think can put up a fight and succeed in mitigating the effects of Kali Yuga.

Since we are I believe in peak Kali Yuga lots of people have to change to reach the above percentage of dharmic people. I believe it is possible because half of people are inclined towards non material pursuits.
It is brute force whether mental or physical that the powerful use to subjugate the rest. So an effective and equivalent counter is required. Physical force can be countered by numerical strength and wickedness by Lord Krishna like shrewdness. So it is imperative the non materially inclined unite by a common cause and further their objective.
As I develop the narrative I am also developing the material for the education initiative which I talked about in one of my previous threads.

Education has to be at three points. Early childhood, young adult and middle age. These are the potential and prevailing influencers of society. I believe people are by and large naive even though many consider themselves savvy and even wicked. These days especially it is force that rules and force is the language used by the naive and ignorant.

People need to be able to accomplish positive nuanced interactions and develop the right attitude for that. This is ideally introduced at early childhood though the rest also need to be initiated into it. Directness has its attraction but it is not among the more advanced communication skills. You can be as fine and be positive.

I also believe there is a real positive energy created when people use positivity just as real negative energy being created with negativity. The energies can be sensed. It is not just verbal comprehension.

The point is we need to move away from force though force has a genuine positive purpose too. The preferred order is fineness, neutrality and force. But we may not follow this order when more effectiveness is required and so use a judicious mix.
The force wielding people use the following techniques in addition to brute force to retain control.

Profanity and sensationalism in general, talking negative about something even ad infinitum to reach the objective, force guilt upon others, plan besmirching others by forcing them to commit wrong, harming and even killing people who are close to their target, create a feeling of awe and fear about themselves in public, inconvenience their target in all ways possible, project negative image and false propaganda of their target and alienate it etc are some of the common techniques.
Very few targets survive because of their systematic and persistent attack. The way out of this is simple if you understood my plan of attack. These guys lack spine because spine is for genuine exhibition of courage. Break their defence and blunt their offence. They stand exposed and all the trash will be visible.
The education initiative is not to offer solutions to the problems of people by telling them how to think but to develop proper infrastructure of thinking. The infrastructure is not present or too fragile that people go to negativity at the drop of a hat.
The reason mass movements are not happening because there is a soft target for the adharmic which is the leader of the movement. Unless he is incorruptible, and immortal these bad guys will have their way. so essentially He has to be an avatar.
So unless people are unconvinced the leader is Avatar level person they will not follow him with full conviction and there will be little headway.
Going against the flow is very difficult. People think they have enough problems and focussing on the interest of the society is not in their mind. But they need to understand that the well being of society results in well being of individuals.

We can't make many changes at the physical and external level too. On the other hand changing the attitude makes more sense. An institute with great repute run by scoundrels is much worse than an unknown institute run by distinguished persons.

Let all the systems be in place but let us work on the minds of the people. The enemies of the mind need to be cracked and the Allies of the mind need to be promoted. We will then put the right systems in place.
The ways of the corrupt are well entrenched and tuned to the minds of the people. No other reality seems realistic. Power and money and evil intelligence do speak and are speaking well.

To give the confidence to the people that the above can be subdued needs dismantling them.

I am sure God is at it and will lead the way
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In the meantime let me theorize how it can be done. The de intoxification of power, money and intelligence has to happen, more important among them being intelligence. It has to be shown that they have built an illusory reality which will vanish in the face of real truths. It is unsustainable, detrimental and self destructive. The very logic upon which the systems are built needs to be shown hollow. If it dawns upon them that they are not the most intelligent beings ever, an important breakthrough would have been accomplished
These fellows will thrive as long as systems can be tampered with and there is no recourse. So the first lesson that need to be firmly taught is there are untamperable systems and such systems can derail the bad guys ability to tamper totally and for good.
I say vacuousness because death is a certain event in one's life. There is meaning to life only if there is something accruing to us beyond death. It is a cliche but we are not going to take money or material things with us. However it is also important that we live a happy life while alive. How do we reconcile these two? Remember things are complicated because there is respect given to a person only because of his material possessions. So people feel compelled to be materialistic. How do we reconcile with this?

The surest way is to work on mass for a change of reality. A reality that can make half of the population comfortable and let the rest also live in peace.

It is imperative that half of the population discover their actual moorings and change their lives for better. All they need at least in the beginning is someone to egg them on and create the momentum. It will sustain itself after that.
My appeal to half of the population including the elite among them is respect people for their good thoughts and deeds and not for their wealth. Kindly help those in need in whatever way you can. But be balanced and not indiscriminate as this is a gradual process and you shouldn't feel you are being taken for a ride because of your good nature as there will be systematic efforts definitely to not let this process happen.
If your neighbour and relatives start respecting you only for your goodness you will not feel as compelled to go after money as you do now.
Is there a reason for your sustained outburst against selfishness and the state of kali yuga.. Maybe we can explore why you are hurt/angry enough to consistently post on the same topic
Is there a reason for your sustained outburst against selfishness and the state of kali yuga.. Maybe we can explore why you are hurt/angry enough to consistently post on the same topic
Yes Sir. It is a natural outburst with no specific or personal reason. I think I will reach a stage where I will boil with anger on seeing adharma. It is moving in that direction.

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