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The Aryan and Dravidian Controversy

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Rahul Dravid Karnataka la irukkum bodhu Tamil nadu "Dravida Nadu" nu claim panradhu yenda vidathula nyayam ? (venam, valikkudhu, alududuven)
Thank you! lotus_quartz; an excellent piece on this Aryan-Dravidian nonsense!

I only wish I could somehow insert this into that moronic magazine "Viduthalai" run by the DK party. Then again, there is no guarantee the imbeciles would have the intelligence to read and understand it!

Came across a very interesting article by Dravid Frawley titled "The Aryan - Dravidian Controversy". It is available at :
Here is a link to interesting article on eating habits of vedic period brahmanas . This article appeared in a reputed academic journal JSTOR.


sir - in any case, darwin theory says that all humans originated from monkeys! so racially all humans are one! it is only culturally that we are all different!

that apart, will followers of the periar accept that the fellow was himself a descendant of monkeys? i have no hesitation in accepting that i,and our gods- brahma, siva & vishnu are all descendants of monkeys! because after all, in our religion monkey is also a god! but will 'rationalists' accept that they came from monkeys?? will muslims accept that their founder & god came from monkey? will buddhists accept that the buddha & will christians accept that the jesus descended from monkeys?????
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Hinduism de-mystified

Yet another site giving well researched collection of material on hinduism and India is kamat's potpourri. It is available at :


There are numerous articles on the topic of AIT/AMT. I have posted another article, based on genetic research by stephen oppenheimer, in the thread 'news from the hindu world.'' More articles on the topic can be found at www.india-forum.com/forums in the section on Indian history and thread of 'Aryan invasion/migration theories and debates' (for those who wish to directly go there and access these articles. )
Journey of man and genetics study by CCMB

This aryan-dravidian mumbo-jumbo was intially used by british who felt threatened by the brahmins who were leading all the indians in the freedom struggle. Even gandhi's guru was gokhale a brahmin. The british basically wrote all fictitious crap and came up with this theory to willify th ebrahmins and divide and rule the indians. E.V. Ramasami niacken was either in their pay rolls or he wanted to get some importance and so he latched on to this nonsense -- probably he was rejected by some isai-vellalla female( I take a mild detour here. I read an article in chennaionline.com by Ms.Gariyali former IAS officer of TN mentioning that the isai vellalar's claim descent from brahmin fathers and dravida women who wer offered to temples to do God's seva. Incidentally karnunanidhi and marans belogn to this caste. )
Moving back, the CCMB at hyderabad had conducted a research on genes.
There are two types of DNA -- one in your nucleus and other in your mitochondria. The mitochondrial one comes from the mother and the one in nucleus is contributed by both fathe rand mother. So based on this a study was made and they found the upper castes have more affinity with europeans and the lowercastes have mroe affinity with asian/africans. Also they found that the men exhibit more european character than the women. So this study supported the theory of europeans( predominantly males) entering india and marrying local women to set up caste hierarchy.
But later there was a study by Spencer Wells that was shown in national geographic which concluded that all humans evolved from ethiopia. Fromt here people moved ot different locations in the world such as southindia, australia, indonesia, mongolia, china, eurasia, caspian sea area , middle east etc and evolved a bit differently . After sometime there was again migrations, conquests, inter marriages etc.
So in effect all humans ame form one set of people in ethiopia. So i do not understand how these dravidian parties can ask brahmins to go out saying they are outsiders. The fact is ALL OF US ARE OUTSIDERS IN INDIA and ALL FROM ETHIOPIA (atleast from gentics). So it means every one - vanniyar, brahmin, isai vellalalar,dalit, nadaar, mudaliar and what not -- has to go out leaving behind elephants, snakes and monkeys back :)
So this argument of DK , DMK and PMK is flawed and scientifically wrong.!
Pl see spencer wells article on http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/12/1212_021213_journeyofman.html
I wish someone will ask madan in ananda vikatan about spencer wells article.
Also this can be put to sujatha in kumkumamaand whoever is answering in kumudam. They need to be asked -- in the light of Spencer wells study, how can the dravidian parties talks about race and asking brahmins to leave and other nonsense is justified?
Will they publish that question?
Dear Kashyap:
Good posting. However, instead of wondering if Vikatan (I thought this was published by a Brahmin!) and Kumudam would publish your question, why don't you write to them directly and ask them?

i once sent it to kumudam but it was not published. maybe i need to keep trying. :)

Resend with Namitha's photo at the start of the article, Trisha's photo in the middle & end with Nayanthara's. :thumb:
Meaning of the word DRAVIDA -- Rahul Dravid is a brahmin!

The term DRAVIDA has been wilfully politicised by EVR and his cronies to this date. In ancient times it only meant a geographical region just as kalinga meant orissa and panchasheel meant region of five rivers or punjab recently.

Dravida refers to the region in the south of India such as presentday karnataka, AP, TN and kerala and parts of maharashtra. People there were called Dravidians irrespective of caste or religion.

Adhi Shankara called himself "DRAVIDA SHISHU".

Rahul Dravid's family had origins near Chidambaram in TN. 5 generations back they moved to Nagpur in maharashtra. Since they were from the south they called themselves as Dravids and it became their surname. Rahul's father married a maharashtrian brahmin and moved to Bangalore where Rahul grew up. His wife is a maharashtrian Brahmin too.

so Rahul has infact been proud to call himself a Dravid and he has made that name known intenrationally although he is a Brahmin.
While talking about names, in TN we have the so-called pure tamil heroes calling themselves by "Aryan" names such as surya, vijay , vikram , vijaykanth, sharathkumar, satyaraj etc although they are not aryans. Heroines names are ramba, nameetha, etc. What about udhayanidhi, dayanidhi, kalanidhi and even karunanidhi?
Why dont they call themselves as vetri, paridhi, anbu, or kuzhali, thenmoozhi, kovalan etc?
I wonder why Satyaraj who is acting as EVR did not call himself as unmaimannan?
We recently even have a hero calling himself as Arya . There is no Dravid around. Even ramadoss's grand daughters are given pure sanskrit names.
So much for their love for Tamil and Dravida.
In fact it was a brahmin called surya narayana shastri who first called Tamil as a classical language and changed his name to a pure tamil one and called himself paridhimal kalaignar.
Paridhi = surya; narayana = mal ; shastri = kalaignar
Thus Brahmins have loved Tamil more than the others.

But the curent day "dravidian" politicans and filmwallahs are beoming more and more "aryan" (atleast in their names).
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How could they ?

What about udhayanidhi, dayanidhi, kalanidhi and even karunanidhi?
Why dont they call themselves as vetri, paridhi, anbu, or kuzhali, thenmoozhi, kovalan etc?

Udhaya, Daya, Kala, Karu is their names. "Nidhi" is the expression of emphasis on 'money' for which they are out there.....

These 'nidhis' determine TN's 'kadhi' which is perhaps god imposed 'vidhi' !!!!!
sirs- there is enough evidence & proof to show that hinduism spread from india to places like thailand, indonesia and many other countries. even the paramacharya has said this .
it seems a section of aryans were nomads (like gypsies perhaps) who went to various parts of the world to spread hinduism. some of their descendants reurned back after some time. thus what happened was a migration and not invasion, as already stated.
sirs- were aryans converts from dravidians who rebelled as they did not want to be non vegetarians? putting in other words, does it mean had dravidians agreed to be vegetarians, may be there would not have been any split in hinduism at all?
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