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The alarming rise in curtailment of Information is indication of human right violation


Active member
The news of the government’s actions and protests at large have garnered international attention. China, hardly a beacon of human rights and civil liberties, recently pointed to India as an example for its own strict and widely criticised internet censorship. A column in the ‘People’s Daily’, the Communist Party’s official mouthpiece, called the shutdowns normal practice for sovereign countries. Elsewhere however, the reaction was not friendly as the Washington Post editorial writes on the recent internet shutdowns being a new low for Indian democracy –

“India has earned itself a dubious distinction: It has imposed the longest-ever Internet shut down by a democracy. The measures more often appear as a tool to quiet political protest than an unbiased attempt to protect people. India may have earned the distinction of longest shut down by a democracy, but the better question is how long a country that follows this sinister path can truly be called a democracy at all”.

Read more at: https://www.sify.com/news/caa-prote...unprecedented-news-columns-tmxqp6bgiiaai.html
This govt has done every possible anti democratic actions - vindictive raids on oppositon, institutional failure, lynchistan, continuous anti Muslim tirade and vitriolic speeches, Kashmir disaster, demo disaster, and now CAA and NRC and then we have a legion of supporters playing victim hood. Astonish ing !!

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