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The Age of the Kali.

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This is another amazing book by William Dalrymple.
He travels through various parts of India, and meets different people, politicians, an its a kinda of a travel acount and he tries to find out why this is the age of the kali.
Most important meetings, I remember are his meeting with the Maharajah of Kashi. The Maharajah gives one important difference between a king and the present day politicians. For a king, all his subjects are like his children. He is personally responsible for the welfare of each and everyone of them. Whereas, politicians lack that accountability.

And just like any movie has comedy tracks, this book also has his meetings with Shreeman Lalu Parshad Maharaj ji. Read it and you will enjoy it.
The Age of Kali

Further to the post by "kudumi" on the above subject, I give below a portion from the english rendering of Srimad Bagavatam by Swami Krishnadas Achutha describing "Evils of Kali":

XII CHAPTER 2 - Evils of Kaliyuga

"Suka continued: Thenceforward, day after day, by the force of Kala (Time), righteousness, truthfulness, purity of body and mind, forgiveness, compassion, length of life and bodily strength and keenness of memory will decline.

In Kaliyuga, wealth will be the criterian of pedigree, morality and merit. Those who are mighty, will be called righteous and fair. Personal liking will determine the choice of a partner in life. Trickery will be the motive force in business and dealings. Ability to give sexual pleasure will be the criterion of masculine and feminine excellence. External marks will be the means of knowing a brahmana and a sanyasin. Justice will be vitiated, because of one's inability to gratify those who administer it. Voluble speech will be criterion of scholarship. Toilet will be regarded as a sign of bath. Distant tank will be considered holy resort for bath; long hair will be regarded as sign of beauty. Filling the belly will be the end of human pursuit. Audacity of speech wil be the criterian of truthfulness. Skill will consist in supporting one's family. Virtuous deeds will, be done, only for fame. The terrestrial globe will be run over by wicked people, and the person who will be more powerful, will become the ruler. People will resort to mountains and forests and eat roots, leaves meat, honey, flowers and seeds.Oppressed by famine and taxation, people will perish through drought, excessive heat amd cold, storms, rain, snowfall and mutual conflict. In Kaliyuga, the maximum expectation of life will be twenty or thirty years. Religion will be replaced by heresy and rulers wil turn out to be thieves. Man will take up the wanton destruction of life and property. Connotation of relationship will extend only to the relatives of one's wife. Clouds will end in flashes of lightning and no rains will pour; dwellings will look desolate for want of hospitality to strangers. When Kaliyuga is about to terminate, the Lord will appear as Kalki in the house of the brahmin called Vishnuyasa, in the village of Sambhala." ......

It goes on further till the end of the Chapter. I request all to read this description of the effects of Kaliyuga written thousands of years ago and find how prophetic the words of Srimad Bhagavatam are.

A word about this book. Srimad Bhagavatam by Swamy Srikrishnadas Achyutha, an English rendering of the epic in easily readable story form is one of the Best translations of the great Book I have come across . This is a publication of TTD, Tirupati, published in 1984. Sri Swamiji has done this as a work of love, and life's mission, to share the spiritual thrill he has derived from the great Purana with the devotees of Bhagavan.

Hari Om,

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