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Thank God, Taj Mahal Bachaa


Active member
Coronavirus had barely subsided in our country when it was hit by another deadly virus - the communal virus. Coronavirus affected the human body; the communal virus has affected the body politic. The entire society, including the various governments at the centre and in the states, determinedly fought against the coronavirus, but the communal virus is actually being promoted and spread by the BJP, its cohorts and the governments run by it at the centre and in various states.

The Prime Minister, who is so vocal on all issues, shares his 'Mann ki Baat' regularly with the people and is fond of addressing the nation at eight in the evening, is completely silent on this issue. What else can explain the fact that he has not condemned the violence nor appealed to the people to maintain peace? Clearly the Prime Minister and his party are complicit, a willing promoter of the mayhem we are witnessing today.

The target of this new atmosphere of hate is the Muslim community, the history of Muslim rulers, Muslim names of towns, villages, roads and mohallas, Muslim monuments, specially their places of worship, many of them connected with an important part of our history. Their demand is that these names should be changed (and they are being changed wherever possible); that all their places of worship built after destroying Hindu temples should be replaced by the temples as in Ayodhya; that other monuments where there is any trace of a Hindu connection,real or imaginary, should be converted into Hindu monuments (the Taj Mahal should be declared to be a Hindu structure and named Tajo Mahal after some imaginary Hindu queen or deity); and in fact, all traces of Muslim rule in India should be obliterated and made to vanish from our history books.

India will not prosper on the basis of a communal divide, on the basis of hatred and the violence it will generate. A great and prosperous India can be built only on the basis of communal harmony, secularism and inclusiveness. Let the Taj Mahal be. Let it shine in the moonlight as the Taj Mahal built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his loving wife.


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