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Thalapavu - A heavy Subject Malayalam Movie.

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Respectable members,

There is no comedy, no songs, no glamour or humour in this movie. This is not a movie for light entertainment. If you are seeking entertainment, kindly leave this thread now!

Naxalite movement in India started in the 1960s. More about naxalite movement can be read here.

Naxalites are active even today. The Times of India specials about Naxalites are here.

Naxalite movement was strong in northern Kerala, in the Wayanad dist and around Calicut. Once Thalechery (erstwhile Tellicherry) main police station was attacked in the late 60s. that attack was spear headed by Ajitha. In Wayanad, the operations were spear-headed by Varghese.

"A police man named R. Ramachandran Nair revealed in the year 2005 that he shot varghese by the order of his superiors [1], whom forced him to do it. They shot Varghese because he had been brutally tortured while questioning in the police station and the police couldn't present him in the court with that many bruises and scaldings all over his body[citation needed]. The Church refused to bury his body and he was later buried at his ancestary home at Ozhukkan moola in Vellamunda." -

Naxal Varghese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

More about Varghese - rediff.com: Where politicians take a backseat to a revolutionary

Here is the movie -

YouTube - Thalappavu-1Malayalam movie.divx

(in part #7 from 2.0 to part #8 up to 1.30 are commercials. I am adding that information to avoid confusion).
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