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thalai avani avittam

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kindly see in the general slokas and manthras : for rik vedhis rik vedha upakarma and for yajur vedham aapasthampa soothram in the thread brahma yagnam continues and for bhothaayanam soothram bodaayana upakarma . all are there. for thalai aavani avittam shaving or hair cutting, no kaamokarishith japam. kaandarishi homam and naandhi sraatham is there. your sastrikal will do it.

you have to prepare 21 appams , and along with this you have to give one kilo raw rice, jaggery 500 grams, green gram dhaal 100 gram, karuppu ellu 10 gram, dhakshinai, pancha paathra uththirini, brass sombu, for gayathri japam 1208 arasa or purasa samiththu and half litre milk are required. kaandarishi tharpanam must be done with empty stomach. ghee for homam 200 grams ( kaandarishi and jayaathi homam).

manjal thool 100 gram, kumkumam 20 gram, manjal kilanku 10 nos betels 50 nos, betelnut 50 gram, poovan vaalai palam 12 nos. pushpam 2 meters, uthiri pushpam and thulasi 200 grams, sandal powder 10 gram, oothupathi 10 kuchchi; kuthu vilakku 2 nos, for this gingilly oil, match box, and thiri nool;, aasana palakai or thadukku 2 nos, kalpooram 10 villai; wheat 2 kilo; plantain nuni elai 4 nos;

coconut 2 nos; kumpa vasthram one no. (4 mulam ), homam panna kinnam 6 nos. viratti 10 nos; shrai thool (broken woods) one kilo; bricks 10 nos; or homa kundam; sand 2 kg; haarathy karaisal; kiraha preethi, anugai, naandhi, vaadhyaar dhakshinai.

if you want to do this in your house only for your child these things are required. you may go in a mutt or temple where group of people will do aavani avittam and thalai avani avittam you may give as per your financial status.
Not open for further replies.

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