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Ten of life's learnings from Delhi’s roads.

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Driving in this metropolitan city has become an ordeal which only the very skilled can accomplish. As in life at large, the number of new drivers coming on to Delhi roads run into a few thousand each day. Reaching your destination safe is as much dependent on your own skill set as also on how others decide to deal with you on the road. Is that not what happens in life as well! So here are few lessons of life learnt while driving on Delhi's roads. 1.Enjoy your ride :The way you manage to navigate through life’s labyrinth is more of an art. If you mindfully enjoy it, you are all to gain, but sit behind the wheel teeth clenched, cursing and yelling at anything that passes you by, will only make your journey that much more dreadful. So freshen up your car interiors, add your favorite fragrance to the dashboard, load the CD of your choice, roll up the windows and drive through the journey full of smiles. Similarly in life, there are various stations that one passes through, some in hurry and some in leisure, but mostly with a pre-occupied mind. Don't miss the journey, in search of your destination. 2. Stick to your lane : Law of averages apply to moving traffic as much as it applies to life. It's most likely that when you are getting late for an appointment, is when you shall encounter the most number of red lights. Similarly, problems tend to pile up during bad times, so be calm and stick to your lane, you will reach your destination much faster than you anticipated. Frequent changing of lanes is only going to inconvenience your co-travellers, and will only antagonize them against your progress. They could quite end up acting as roadblocks, so stick to your lane for commanding the respect of your fellow drivers, and let them facilitate your passage as smoothly as possible. 3. Grant right of way : People who are faster, and smarter are bound to overtake you, sooner than latter. Blocking their movement is not going to benefit you in any manner, let them pass. Life has an uncanny habit of slowing down the fastest of travellers. If you keep at it, you are most likely to catch up with them soon, in a few kilometers. Look at the larger picture, since there is no race, there is no winner either. Races and Wars are there in the mind. Everything else is relativity. 4. Be patient : So often we find our lane being blocked by a person who is slow, either because he is trying to learn how to drive or simply because his journey has left him in a condition where zipping around is not a choice for him. Rather than honking furiously at him, wait for him to give way, and disengage as skilfully as possible, he will be thankful to you. This applies to our colleagues at work, and brothers in arms too. Sometimes relations in life drag you down, thank them for the teachings that they gave you and try to move on. 5. Look back at your rear view mirror : Lot of people you thought you had left behind a long time back in fact surprise you by popping up quite close in your rearview mirror, and soon overtake you as well. Looking back to understand whether you treated those people fairly, when you were ahead, will determine how they treat you when you yourself are behind. 6. Each journey is different. Someone is rushing to attend to an emergency, the other is on a vacation, yet another one is going out to meet his beloved, while you are driving to the airport at the dead of the night to pick up your mother-in-law. Don't compare journeys. Everyone is on his own path. Neither the start nor the end matches, not even the purpose. Its futile comparing the speed, comfort, make and cost of the vehicle, or in fact the co-passengers look. How often do we see a red mercedes pass us by, and we place our nose in the air, when one notices the rustic group occupying the vehicle. Who travels in the car with us is immaterial, some are there as a chaperone to beautiful people, and some being accompanied by lawyers to be hanged. So compare neither the journeys nor the your passengers. 7. On long journeys take a break. Life is not a marathon, your engine is not a atomic reaction which will never cease. When on long journeys, slow down, pull over at appropriate places to enjoy the scenery, catch your breath, or simply to watch the sun set. Stoppages in life can be as exciting as the journey itself. Helps you rejuvenate and think through your journey so far. Sometimes we stop and have afterthoughts. Don’t think twice of abandoning the journey and turning back in case you are not convinced enough to carry on. A few litres of fuel wasted is better than a wasted journey of no consequence. 8.Indulge yourself, you can afford to : Some people have this habit of saving on fuel by not using the car air conditioner most parts of the year. They think that since the breeze is for free why spend on some extra fuel. Let me assure you that not only will you be blackening your face and lungs soon because of the pollution, but you will end up surrendering all your savings to the doctor or for a car shampoo. Similarly in life don't save on hair oil to spend in the saloon. If you earn by slogging round the year, spend enough to care for your own well being, because the day the machinery breaks down, there will be nothing to save. As they say in hindi “of what will you play the flute off when there is no bamboo” (na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri). 9. Love thy driver : There are so many people in life who drive us around, some drive us to safety, some drive us through our goals, some drive us around the bend. But all of them help you in giving direction to your journey. Take care of them as much as you would take care of yourself, don't slurp an ice cream sitting at the back sea, at ten in the night when your driver who has been on the job since morning has not even had his dinner. Be it your boss who pushes you just that bit, or a better half who wants the moon and makes you slog for it, had it not been for them, you may not even aspire to get out of bed. So thank him/her for the push. 10. Don’t read too many Instructions : Go by your heart and drive as you want. Reading these instruction manuals on life or buying books about how to sell your ferrari, will take you no where , especially all these articles which give you “10 reasons why…. Or 5 ways in which to…..” http://arunsowndomain.blogspot.in/2017/01/ten-life-learnings-from-delhis-roads.html
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i like to drive in south /east delhi okay with me.....not with north/west delhi parts.......especially chandni chowk areas...
When I started driving a four wheelor in delhi, I was given one golden advise.

Never look back and see only ahead.

Pray that the fellow in car behind does not hit you.

It was one of the wisest advice.

Once I was almost pushed off the road due to slow driving.

I stopped driving after that and hired a driver.
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