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Temple tunnel: Study validates myth

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The myth about the existence of a mysterious underground tunnel connecting Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple and the Arabian Sea seems to be gaining scientific validity with a study by scientists of the Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) showing the existence of underground cavities that could be presumed to be continuation of a tunnel.

CESS principal investigation scientist R Ajay Kumar Varma, who led the five-member study team, said details of the report could not be revealed and that it would be submitted to CESS director Dr M P Kurian on Saturday. It will then be handed over to the home secretary for further action.

The team has recommended that further studies must be undertaken to confirm its findings. M P Kurian said, “The scientific study report is a confidential document and revealing its contents could jeopardize the temple’s security.”

After the team conducted the study at the temple precincts installing a resistivity meter to ascertain the underground configuration of up to 40 metres depth, the CESS scientists made it clear that the data collected would be analyzed with an interpretation software and further studies would be conducted.

The team members said though they could confirm the existence of underground cavities, further studies would be required to unravel whether these cavities were the continuation of a tunnel connecting the temple to the sea.

“It is tough to ascertain facts through the current study. The team will have to opt for the next step to study the resistivity of the medium underground with ground penetrating radars,” said a team member.

Principal home secretary Sajen Peter, whom TOI contacted, said he was yet to get the report and only after he gets it further steps on the temple’s security could be taken.

Currently, there are police personnel posted. Beefing up the security would be considered only after the department got the report, he said.

Credit: Times of India
I have lived in Trivandrum and Kerala for more than 10 years. I have heard elders saying that the Padmanabhaswamy's temple moolasthaanam is connected to the Shankumugam sea by an underground tunnel. In the moolasthaanam you can not go behind the moolavar vigraham of Sri Padmanabhaswamy.
In srirangam temple too, in the connecting path between third and fourth prakarams, there were two square openings of about 30 inches square on either side of the passage. It was believed that one lead to malaikottai and the other to thanjaore. We could walk a few feet into them, but the darkness, stench and fear made any progress impossible. The openings are now bricked and plastered, and the passage is also inaccessible.

We too will wait for a seismic and xray survey to unravel hidden tunnels.
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