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Tech Mahindra CEO took home Rs 150.7 crores in 2017, employees sacked for 'cost optim

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Is IT job market is crashing in India...?

Some of the IT majors are firing their employees…

It is reported there are callous and heartless sacking by HR executive

Tech Mahindra CEO took home Rs 150.7 crores in 2017, employees sacked for 'cost optimisation'

CEO Gurnani was paid more than that of the entire boards of TCS, Infosys and Wipro.

IT major Tech Mahindra offered a whopping Rs 150.7 crore as remuneration to CP Gurnani, its managing director and CEO, in the 2017 financial year. This is a three-fold increase from the previous year and makes Gurani one of highest paid executives in the IT sector in India, Business Standard reported.

This, even as Tech Mahindra made it to the news recently after an audio clip of an HR manager of the company curtly sacking an employee went viral.

In the 6.45-minute long audio clip, the Tech Mahindra employee is being asked to put in his papers as part of the company's "cost optimisation" plan.

"If you can put in your papers, we will be treating it as a normal exit with June 15 as last working day, if not, we will be sending you a termination letter," the HR executive says in the audio.

The HR executive sternly tells the employee that there is no "flexibility" in the decision. Further, Tech Mahindra suspended the appraisal cycle in February for senior employees, i.e. those with more than six years of experience, pending a management review.

Read more at:http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/tech-mahindra-ceo-took-home-rs-1507-crores-2017-employees-sacked-cost-optimisation-64870
IT Companies that terrorize their employees to quit on some pretext are guilty of violating basic human rights! I was shell shocked on hearing the audio clip!! Shame on such Companies!! I will never accept these crocodile tears shed by the Gunda CEO's whose pay will be probably 3000 times of the person sacked!!

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