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TB Land Grabbed

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The fact now is that MK Iyer and Co are now seeking support of the best of Brahmin advocates to escape the police action in things like Land Grab case. One of the senior most lawyer has declined to appear for a DMK men but now has been convinced to support the DMK lawyer from the background for a huge fees. It appears the advocate lost one of his hard earned property in posh RA Puram to property grabbers and is believing relief through the Court rather than the AIADMK government. It is a fact that many of the Brahmin's property has been targeted by the property grabbing sharks and they have operated by targeting one weak member in the family against the other so that the family may be fighting amongst themselves as a property dispute. None of JJs initiative has reached these people and will not reach for TBs are not the habit of complaining!

May be TamilBrahmins.com can have a thread for the affected TBs to share their case and to seek guidance from the forum
If any such Brahmins in TN especially Madurai and South of Madurai affected by such Crucial People may contact me at any time for assistance in my mobile 99521-63523.

I am ready to come forward for help, whoever the Opponent may be,...
There are special cells by the Government now. But what will happen to the complaint that we may file moment this government change. Also this government may also use the information that we give to file the complaint to alienate the property from us. Mere a complaint may not be permanently settling the issue pending for long time...isn't it?
The onus of making the explanation will be now with the grabber than that of the poor Brahmin who has been stripped of his property. But the police can not sustain this for they will ultimately yield to their inherent temptations and will turn grabber themselves. It appear the opportunity for the mediators at Madurai is high!

Historically the Brahmins owned their dwelling place in the Agraharams. If they owned any other land for cultivation or other than that Brahmin would have grabbed it from others. The possessions in Agraharams of Triplicane and SriRangam are intact today with the Brahmins holding to their dwelling place. However 1000 agraharms have vanished. Brahmins who are Gurukkal at temple themselves have sold the properties of the temple like the Nandavanam tank etc for long time in the history. If that has not happened it is not possible for any Brahmin from Tirunelveli to have established a Corporate House!! The case of Kanchi Sankaracharya is also about the land grab that was facilitated by the auditor coterie around the seer. May be we shoul voice for the restoration of the Agraharams for the Land Grab thing may back fire on the Brahmins.
Better than running to advocates

The Hindu : NATIONAL / TAMIL NADU : Anti-Land Grabbing Cell launches a hunt for Tiruporur advocate

The above link will suggest as to what the typical case would be for a TB. Most got cheated by the advocates who appeared for them. The public prosecutor of the Chengappet Court, a TB and now retired, seems to have committed similar fraud to a family that I know and that is the reason that I posted this thread. If advocates colluded with Opposite Parties and the Judges are conditioned to be blind to such nexus then there cannot be any solace for the affected parties
I remember that by sometime in just six or seven months back the NDTV Hindu showed a news item as to how the son of our ex President, VV Giri, broke out before the single bench of Madras High Court and ran to First Bench to mention in hysteric manner to hear his LAND GRAB Case patiently. If this is what to happen to the ex Presidents family then other mortals are nothing before the Land Grabbers. Recently I personally heard the story of one of the decedents of Late Alladi - ex Chief Justice of Madras High Court a similar story. But I wonder as to why no one shows interest in sharing the cases with other TBs!
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