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Tamil Brahmin Sampradhayams

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Smarta Sampradaya which normally we follow was formalised by Adi Shankara. Rituals of
Smarta Sampradhaya, etc are available in a book form written by "Anna" in Ramakrishna
Mutt. The same thing is also available in the Net. You may therefore browse and download
it according to your choice.


Sampradayams are different for different occasions. Srardha Sampradayams are different for different areas. Thanjavur/trichi area srardha sampradayam are different from thirunelveli/palakkad sampradayam as also from Madurai area sampradayam. Even marriage padhathis/Sumangali Prarthanai forms are different for different areas. Though some portions are common for all brahmins, some differences are there between the areas. Kindly consult your elders in your house and do accordingly.

Happiest man ever was Adam. He was whole soul and sole. God divided him by giving Eve. Then started the dirtiest and minutest divisions. Man divided the world, nations, states, districts, panchayats and villages, houses, his family and at last himself.Today, he is a man split and hence a split personality. Thus it is left to himself to do what is best. If people are blessed with informed elders there is no problem. Otherwise you follow what your family purohithar tells after informing him about your ancestry. And then arpann everything to god and have peace.
Dear Iyarooran,

your post #4 for reference:

Hindus do not believe and have nothing to do with the Adam, Eve and the serpent story. It is a cock and bull story spun by the Abrahamic religions.

Not open for further replies.

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