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Tamil - Art of Charity (அறம் செய்ய விரும்பு)

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in that very page in youtube, there was a link to visaka hari discourse on ramayana as told by hanuman. fascinating!!

have you or anyone here heard of visaka hari. such talent. not just a pretty face :)


judging by the accent, sounds like a pattar too Yeah!! :)
The Hindu : Friday Review Bangalore / Interview : The raconteur’s raga

i think i am getting hooked :)

.. as long as she does not stray in the direction of kanchi mutt..that is

Kunjuppu Sir,

She must be skilled musically and in oratory ;) She is not philosophical, so, I would like to listen to her or similar ones, when in a leisure mood.

I am not a big fan of music, but I enjoy her melodies, fluency and confidence.

I enjoyed her 'Andal KalyAnam' videos last December - Vishaka Hari - AnDAL kalyANam - 1 - Birth - Ananda bhairavi - mArgazhi mahA utsavam 2008 - YouTube


y post on 'Charity', was in parallel to your thread on 'Apologies from Brahmins et al', just to give some in-direct message, as I don't have much time to sit through validate/refute your views. This is called 'Mind-Reading', you got that thought-ray , but got distracted ';)
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