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Taking Charge of Your Life

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Life is a dream
Staff member
In a competitive world, our whole life has become chaotic and I sometimes
feel that this too busy life plays havoc with personal health, so the need
is there to take time out for oneself and engage in feel good activities
during our such a busy life as this is very important to maintain a healthy
Normally every married women with kids have a lot to do when morning starts
for her.Getting the children ready for school and then sending husband off
to work. Then at home have to dive into household chores, supervise the
domestic staff and then by noon when kids are back gives them lunch and then
help with their homeworks and do other odd jobs around which come in the
way.Evening comes, and when husband back from work, spend some time together
and then ensuring that the kids are in bed early. Same is the case with
men, as busy as ever who due to intense work pressure finds it difficult to
have any quality time for themselves.
I have seen women who are the working ladies have twofold job, they have to
be punctual for their work and then after coming home have to do the
household chores though too much fatigued. One friend of mine who is a
banker finds her job very satisfying but then she feels she has very little
time for herself, like personal grooming and then her social life has taken
a hit, previously before she started her job, she used to go boutique and
enjoy seeing all the new upcoming designer clothes.
Then there is someone I know who works round the clock, his job demands him
to attend to his work whenever the call comes, it can be at any odd hours of
the day or night.Hardly gets enough time to rest and sometimes misses his
favourite tennis playing.
It seems as if everyone is in a mad rush but I still do not understand what
we are rushing towards? Granted its a competitive world, but one must take
out time for oneself and we should have some moment out of our busy schedule
and ask how happy we are with the present.While it is easier said than done,
taking time out to feel good about yourself, by indulging in interesting
activities that centre around you will surely have a desirable effect. As I
have heard some wise saying ” don’t knock it before you try it”.
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