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dear all,

Click on attachment for sanskrit & english version of Suryaashtakam
there is a slight difference in the last 2 stanzas though.

i have transliterated the last 2 stanzas of the sanskrit version since it is slightly different from the english version shown for the benefit of those who dont read sanskrit.

7) tam suryam jagatkartaaram
mahaateja pradeepanam
mahaapaapa haram devam
tam suryam pranamaamyaham.

8) tam suryam jagataam naatham
jnaana vigjnaana mokshadam
mahaapaapa haram devam
tam suryam pranamaamyaham

kindly note


  • suryaashtakam english.pdf
    6.6 KB · Views: 150
  • Suryashtakam.pdf
    32.4 KB · Views: 162
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Indeed the ways of nature are strange. We never how these things work. Just this morning only, I was thinking of asking a question on this forum on the Suryashtakam's last two shlokas. When I opened the site, I saw the title Suryashtakam, and I was amazed.

My question is -

There are three slokas in phalashruti, which are not included in this attached sanskrit pdf file. They are, as I learned -

1. Sooryaashtaka pathen nityam graha peeda pranaasanaat
aputre labhate putram daridro dhanavaan bhavet

2. Aamisham madhu paanamcha yah karoti raverdine
sapta janma bhavedrogi janma janma daridrataa

3. Stree taila madhu maamsaani yeh tyajanti raverdine
na vyaadhi soka daaridryam soorya lokam sa gachchati

I feel "raver dine" in the last two slokas is wrong, since it is mentionede alongwith things not to be performed. Can someone clarify please?

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