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Sundarakaandam parayanam for peace& happiness

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Valmiki Ramayanam the Adikavyam by VALMIKI MAHARISHI dels withthe life of Sri Rma the 7th avatar of Sraman Narayanan.Reading the epic blesses the reader & the listeners with solace & prosperity .Sages have said that reading SUNDARAKAANDAM also gives as much benefits as reading full Ramayanam.
Sundarakaandam is the 5th part (canto) of vALMIKI RAMAYANAM & has a speciality about it. It deals with the adventours on HANUMAN in his trip to Sri Lanka to find Sita Devi. His crossing the sea airborne.search in various plaves .finding Sita in Asokavan & asuring her about her relaese by Rama . meeting Ravana to demabnd Sita's release or face death. Lanka dakanam are all beautifullty described in enchanting verses.Inthis canti Hauman is the hero & Rama has no direct aooearance . Reading this kaandam provides peace .prsrperity, solutions to problems like delay in marriage, detting job. family issues strained relationship diseasesetc
Though there are many methods of reading onr can hv his qown way With my xperiance ( read many times ) best method would be toread at ONE chapter a day & complete in abt 70 daya including Pattabisheka sargam.One can read from tamilised scripts or even taranslation sargawise. Neivedyam Sugar added boiled milk & last day sakkarai pongal panagam vadai. u will find a change in attitude .confidence ,& outlook in life .
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