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Suha Prasava Stotram: Mathrubootheshwar

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Sloka for suha prasavam: 1-Mar-10

Jaya Mangala Stotram Part II (pg 19?) presented by
Shri Alangudi AK Venkatanarayana Iyer.
Handed to me by my younger sister’s father-in-law on her first delivery:
(I took it down by handwriting in Tamil)

Om Namah Shivaya Namah

Sri Sungandha KundalAmbikai Sametha MAthrubootheswara
Prasada Siddhirastu:

Shiv, Shiva, Shiva: Varaprasadam for the “Garbinni”:

Hey Sankara Smaraha: PramadAdi Nadha│Mannadha │Sambha │Sashi chuda│Hara │Dhari Soolin Sambhao:
Suhaprasav kruth│Bhava │Me │ Daya No Sri Mathrubootha │Shiva
Palayamam Namaste │Subham. Subham:

After reciting the above for the first time repeat the following 108 times are more for Suha prasavam:

“Hima Vaduthathare Parswe Sura nama yakshini│Tasya smarana mathrena Visalya Garbinni bhaveth.”

Meaning of the above line: On the north of Himalayas there is a yakshini called “surathai”. Just thinking of her the Garbinni gets suha prasavam

Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu:pray:
Not open for further replies.

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