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Success sans ethics

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This article by gurumurthy in 'the new indian express' lists out some intersting and valid points on the current state of our country. I have given a few excerpts; link for the full article is given at the end.

When exactly did the decline start?

Political morality, he said, crashed with the “advent” of Indira Gandhi, and business, he added, became buccaneering with the “rise” of Dhirubhai Ambani."
1: Indira Gandhi:

She blatantly used political power and discarded political morality by engineering the defeat of the party candidate for presidency and ensuring the victory of the opposition candidate. Raw power became her weapon to subdue her own party and government and ultimately the country itself.
It was during her time that the office of the prime minster, always beyond reproach, lost its moral stature, faced charges corruption (Maruti affair) and was even suspected of other crimes (Nagarwala scam). It was in her time that thick-skinned politics evolved, shamelessness replaced shyness in public life. Finally, she imposed Emergency in 1975 and threw all political leaders, including dissenters in her own party, into jail. Thinking that the nation was dead and her government alone was alive, she ordered elections in which the people threw out her regime.

2: Ambani:

"Ambani. He became invincible by co-opting the rule-makers to make sub-rules comfortable for him comply with, thus making the breaking of rules unnecessary. Partnering the state and non-state actors and sharing with them the illicit fortunes of his business, Ambani vaulted over Tatas, Birlas, Mahindras, Bajajs and the rest. If a J R D Tata was the symbol of business ethics, Ambani became the model of business success.
Ambani shifted the paradigm, transformed business into buccaneering.

Today’s scams of billions of dollars or cash-for-news have their origin in the Ambani model of partnering the main state and non-state actors and sharing the spoils with them.

What is the solution?

Lal bahadur sastry:

"When Shastri resigned as Union railway minister owning ‘moral responsibility’ for accidents, he forthwith surrendered his official car, stood in a queue in a bus stand for a bus to his home. After he had resigned under the Kamaraj Plan, Ramnath Goenka saw him waiting for a bus again and drove him home. Goenka used to recall Shastri tearfully as the decline had started after him. An illustrious Shastri had kept his personal life and political office of the prime minister he had held, clean, investing both with the highest moral authority.

"Ordinary people still retain their simple and non-corrupt lifestyle. They all await a Shastri-like leader to emerge.

In my opinion, only narendra modi fits the bill.

Success sans ethics - New Indian Express
[h=1]Narendra Modi is the 'pot' that calls 'kettle' black: Nitish[/h]
Sources in Kumar's JD-U said the party was keeping a close watch on the developments in the saffron party in the wake of Modi's moves to project himself as the "big boss" of the BJP. JD-U leaders also said Modi was suffering from "inferiority complex" as Bihar has reported resounding growth rate with Kumar at the helm.

Bihar JD-U president Vashisht Narayan Singh said Modi should have studied the Bihar situation before making such a remark. As a matter of fact, he added, the entire nation is under the grip of caste-based politics. However, Bihar BJP chief C P Thakur said the allegation of caste-based politics in Bihar was not true. "The BJP has always welcomed people of all castes with open arms," he said.

According to political observers, the BJP-JD (U) divide in the NDA do not seem a distant possibility now that the BJP appears to be accommodative to Modi and his machinations. The day BJP declares Modi is its prime ministerial candidate, Kumar's party will sever its ties with the BJP, they said and ruled out any threat to the Kumar's government as JD-U alone has 118 MLAs in the 243-strong state legislative assembly.

Bihar is pursuing an inclusive growth without social tension and it is appreciated worldwide while Gujarat has been condemned worldwide for the worst-ever communal violence, JD-U general secretary Niraj Kumar said and appeared to be echoing the views of the political observers when he added, "Modi has blood on his hands and, therefore, he is not acceptable to us at any cost."
Narendra Modi is the 'pot' that calls 'kettle' black: Nitish - Times Of India
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