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STRESS -new generation -what to follow

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Stress is prevailing among all young generation. but how to over come; it is by daily walk; yoga; daily exercise ; this is followed by most of them; but still they are under stress.

There are two things; One is doing a task by interest and the other is doing for overcoming or for the sake of some thing. The young generation is doing walk/yoga/exercise for the sake of some thing and there is no real interest in it and hence they are not able overcome stress;

Previous generation persons used to attend bhajans, visit holy places – temple/ church/ mosque regularly with full devotion. There is good method followed by uttering god's mandhra, slogas and hearing many good stories.

There are place for family get together. They played games daily with out fail. They do walk regularly.

There are some grudges from young generation. . There is no play ground. We are late time worker and no time for doing any of the regular practice. Young generation may be true. They are late time worker. They are third and fourth quadrant office goers ; but they know well, energy is required for them to work daily. And they are not going to be stopped for working after a few years. Their energy is required for years together .

To accommodate their body for such change in working hours, they must sleep for eight hours daily (during afternoon /evening according to the shift) and take a compulsory bath to be fresh.

They may hear plesant bhajan songs, uttering god’s mandhtra, devotional songs. This is the valuable , effective medicine god has given to us.

Tele –savy may avoid mobile atleast during that fifteen to thirty minutes time. Better hear through and listen and enjoy the audio at right distance with low decibel.

For those who are not keen worshiping god, they worship themselves, absolutely for one well-being . I t is true that hearing god's songs, sthotharam, mandhra are meant for those who dislike god also. Let them be selfish enough to care of their health and later they will realise god's effect.

Our Indian ancestors were very smart. They know the importance of Homam, pranayamam. They got pure air from temple. They got pure homam air and breathing with brisk walk in temple . They got both. -One is health and another is mind.

S Padmanabhan
A Few tips to overcome stress.

To avoid:

1. Identify the 'stressors'.

2. Some popular and widespread stressors are (a) Having an idiot as your immediate boss (b) Regular quarrels with other family members
(c) A neighbour who keeps on troubling you for various reasons (d) Long and irregular hours of work (e) Tiresome and irritating journeys
(f) Bad food (g) Absence of a friend or a well wisher in whom you repose utmost faith and can share everything freely.

2. Avoid the stressors or stress giving situations, as far as possible.

To counter/overcome:

1. Devise suitable counter-strategies whose efficacy is to be tested several times.

2. When you encounter a stress giving situation, don't panic or get disheartened. This is very important.

3. Be sure there is an end for everything.

4. Tell yourself repeatedly that 'I am beyond all this. I am capable of maintaining my poise and cool".

5. Have a good sleep, as per schedule.

6. Never get confused; be brave and clear in your thoughts and action. This is another important but difficult area to tread.

7. Take brief rests and relax, in a way as you like. You may sing a song, listen to some soft music, read some books/articles which refresh your
thoughts and give you the much needed additional energy.

8. Go out to places which do not cause further trouble. If possible, choose those places which give you comfort and pleasure.

9. Open your mind and share your feelings, ideas and views with someone whom you can trust. If no such person is there, you can stand before
the 'God personified' inside a temple and pour out your mind loudly. If none of these is available, no harm in talking to yourself, treating one side
of you as the affected party and the other side of you as a 'patient listener' or a 'counsel'. Please try this when you are alone.

10. Do not resort to any unethical or undesirable acts.

11. Never take to intoxicants/alcohol which give only a brief relief, but cause great, invisible damage mentally and physically, many a time beyond

12. Do not harm yourself out of desperation. Hope is still there.
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