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Story of Five daughters-in-law

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My Grandmother had an uncanny sense of humour.

One of them is a story of a dominant-disciplined Mother-in-law (last century) and her 5 smart daughters-in-law. There was to be an important visitor to the household and a grand feast was being organised. She assigned different sequential roles to these girls and expected the Guest to praise her on her Training of these girls. First one should put the leaf, the second one to water the leaf and wipe, the third and fourth to serve the dishes in an order specified and in the places on the leaf and the last one to take off the leaves and clean the area.Excellent job allocation.

Now see the implementation. They did with such a devotion and speed, the entire activities were over in a flash and the area was cleaned without the guest even tasting a morsel of rice! This was doing the rounds in my younger days and every one used to laugh happily and merrily. I used to join without understanding the joke then.
My mom usually describe my works like this, "நாலு மாட்டுபொண்ணு காரியம் பண்ணாதடா"... But she says in different way. The first in-law forget to put the leaf, but second and third continued their jobs as allocated without knowing whether the initial job has been completed. Anyhow nice joke to laugh...
Good one Shri Durgadasn,people have been creative in those days as seen from the variations!Any way both versions have a lesson Isnt it?
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hhahahhh. That suits even today... In particular my work will be like that only... Always do jobs in a hurry and wont think of the rest...
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